Summer Dreaming For The College-Bound Senior

Summer Dreaming for the College-Bound Senior can make dreams come true.


Daydreaming is good. Especially if it surrounds issues that are important to college-bound seniors.

Whether you’re in the wilderness of Maine, or enjoying the surf at the Jersey Shore, take some time this summer to dream. Imagine  the way you’d like to present yourself in your college application this fall.

Take snapshots

Use your phone to record interesting events, new/special friends you meet, “found” items at the ballpark, or at the beach.You’d be surprised how these snaps will serve you with rich details for your college essay once you get home.

Keep a tiny spiral

Take along a small notebook (3x4 will do), and jot down funny conversations, or moments that revealed something new to you.  Summer fun can be awkward and fresh, silly or serious, or all of the above.

Explore virtually the colleges on your “list”

Look up virtual tours of interesting colleges. Are there activities that correspond to your interests (new art museum, music facilities, research labs, an international student dorm)? Then do further research about the school online.  This will be invaluable for writing about why you are choosing a particular school.

Try  http://www.youvisit.com/collegesList.php.

Next step: from dreaming to brainstorming

If you’d like a peek at what the Common Application Essay holds – go to http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/2012-13-common-application-previews-available/2012/05/15/gIQAnQ79PU_blog.htm.

Don't panic!  You can do it.  Start with brainstorming techniques, or cluster diagrams to get your ideas flowing in graphical format.  See http://www.enchantedlearning.com/graphicorganizers/cloud for some ideas.

Just Imagine --- your college visit and interview

Before you hit the road, do some research–spend time on each school’s website, read about schools on College Prowler’s web site (www.collegeprowler.com). 

Try to visualize yourself prepared and relaxed at the interview. (Remember, you’ll be armed with your prior research.)

Don’t forget to smile when you greet and thank the interviewer. And, of course, always take time to write a “Thank you” email afterwards.

Yes, summer’s here for college-bound seniors, and summer dreaming really can lead to dreams coming true.

Theresa Yin Michna is an educational coach, preparing students for ACT/SAT and college admissions essays.  She has taught at Pace University and Manhattanville College, and been on the Board of American International School in Vienna. For more information visit www.theresamichna.com




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Aidan July 30, 2012 at 12:09 PM
Here's another bit of advice. Share your college essay with a teacher you admire and trust for their unbiased feedback. Most are delighted to help with this important moment. Just don't forget to thank those folks when the process winds down. Next, consider your college references with care ... and with realism. Ask those teachers who know you best to serve as your admission phalanx. Be sure to include a cross-section of personalities in your reference package. Too many coaches, not good. A teacher who had you for a single semester elective, probably not the best choice. And be sure it's a teacher YOU can count on. Teachers come in all flavors, too. So be sure you've selected a real pro ... someone you admire for their professionalism ... and for their style. And be sure to thank them as well as college recommendations take considerable time and effort. And ... dream. I agree with that. Dreams allow for fantasy and they help us all reach beyond the limits some might set for us. Dream lots. And act on your dreams. You can do anything. Anything at all.
Theresa Michna July 30, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Thanks Aidan for your insight. Over and over, I have seen the positive effects of dreams in my students' essays. TM
eatingdogfood July 30, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Here's another bit of advice: More kids should be going into vocational training. College is a big money waster, and in the end NO jobs. Let's stop pretending, shall we? As for dreams and that nonsense that Johnny can be anything he wants to be, it doesn't work that way. Some kids are pushed by their parents and counselors with the ridiculous notion that they have all sorts of talents and smarts, when they would've been better served with some honesty about their goals. Enough with the lofty talk. Let's get real.


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