Torview Swimmers Take First Place at Northern Westchester Swim Conference

This story was written by Caroline Curvan.

The Northern Westchester Swim Conference Division III Championships took place at the Torview Swim Club in Ossining on Saturday, August 3, 2013.  The competing teams were Bedford Village, Lakeside, North Castle and Torview.

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Despite a downpour that drenched everyone as they arrived at Torview, the rain let up just as the Girls’ 8 and under medley relay opened the meet.

All four teams were extremely competitive throughout, with many close finishes.   By the end, many of the parents and coaches were hoarse from cheering their swimmers on.  

At the mid-point, the standings were Torview 63, North Castle/Bedford Village tied at 76 and Lakeside on top with 79.  But the home team rallied, and Torview dominated the freestyle relays winning the 8 and under Boys and Girls, the 10 and under Girls, and the 12 and under Girls and Boys events.

As the final scores were being tallied, a question was raised about the official’s handling of a false start in the Boys 10 and under freestyle.  The event in question was re-swum, but the results didn’t change the final standings, which were:

North Castle 141

Lakeside 156

Bedford Village 167

Torview 173

 The winners went on to compete in the 2013 All-Star Swim Meet for the Northern Westchester Swim Conference that took place on Sunday, 8/4 at the Briarcliff Manor Pool.

Full results below:

6-U Girls Freestyle        Katie Lenes (BV)

6-U Boys Freestyle       Lucas Balbino (L)

8-U Girls Back              Katelyn Fox (L)

8-U Girls Breast            Samantha Saich (T)

8-U Girls Butterfly         Sophia Kahn (NC)

8-U Girls Freestyle        Sophia Kahn (NC)

8-U Boys Back             Dillon Burstein (T)

8-U Boys Breast           Bruce Lenes (BV)

8-U Boys Butterfly        Dillon Burstein (T)

8-U Boys Freestyle       Felix Luchese (BV)

10-U Girls Back            Lily Pawliczak (T)

10-U Girls Breast          Stephanie Bishop (L)

10-U Girls Butterfly       Emily Rocco (T)

10-U Girls Freestyle      Emily Rocco (T)

10-U Boys Back            Ryan Delfico (BV)

10-U Boys Breast         David Kantar (NC)

10-U Boys Butterfly      Michael Kantar (NC)

10-U Boys Freestyle      Ryan Delfico (BV)

12-U Girls Back            Molly Begley (BV)

12-U Girls Breast          Mary Nichols (T)

12-U Girls Butterfly       Maya Potillo (T)

12-U Girls Freestyle      Mary Nichols (T)

12-U Boys Back            Kevin Kantar (NC)

12-U Boys Breast         Liam Loveless (BV)

12-U Boys Butterfly      Mark DeAngelis (T)

12-U Boys Freestyle      Liam Loveless (BV)

14-U Girls Back            Michelle Washington (BV)

14-U Girls Breast          Lian Mitzian (NC)

14-U Girls Butterfly       Molly Nethercott (L)

14-U Girls Freestyle      Michelle Washington (BV)

14-U Boys Back            Carl Ranieri (NC)

14-U Boys Breast          Will Cotter (L)

14-U Boys Butterfly      Mauro Pacsi (NC)

14-U Boys Freestyle      Carl Ranieri (NC)

18-U Girls Back            Sydney Delfico (BV)

18-U Girls Breast          Maria Abrams (BV)

18-U Girls Butterfly       Sydney Delfico (BV)

18-U Girls Freestyle      Maria Abrams (BV)

 18-U Boys Back           Matt Lee (L)

18-U Boys Breast          Peter O’Malley (NC)

18-U Boys Butterfly      Andrew Snyder (T)

18-U Boys Freestyle      Andrew Snyder (T)

8-U Girls Freestyle Relay:

Michelle Wichman (T)

Ava Ippoliti

Molly Gilmartin

Samantha Saich

8-U Boys Freestyle Relay:

Sean Horlacher (T)

Patrick McMahon

Luke Pasquerella

Dillon Burstein

12-U Girls Freestyle Relay:

Emily Rocco (T)

Mary Ford

Maya Potillo

Mary Nichols

12-U Boys Freestyle Relay:

Nolan Lenaghan (T)

Max Saich

Mark DeAngelis

Dylan Wood

18-U Girls Freestyle Relay:

Maria Abrams (BV)

Sydney Delfico

Colleen Green

Morgan Cartularo

18-U Boys Freestyle Relay:

Jared Pass (L)

Jack Gibb

Jake Acito

Matt Lee

10-U Girls Medley:

Lily Pawliczak (T)

Olivia Pasquarella

Makayla Potillo

Marlee Potillo

10-U Boys Medley:

Brendan Liddy (L)

Aiden Robin

Brett D’Alexander

Noah Elias

14-U Girls Medley

Gianna Poppo (NC)

Lian Mitzian

Karen Dubin

Sophia Manners

14-U Boys Medley

Kevin Kantor (NC)

Erik Kantor

Mauro Pacsi

Carl Ranieri


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