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NWEAC is Turning Going Green Into a Public Necessity

The Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium last night hosted the 2012 Regional Leadership Summit for an evening dedicated to advancing regional sustainability initiatives.

The Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC) hosted the 2012 Regional Leadership Summit Thursday, bringing together an influential group of more than 200 municipal and community leaders for an evening dedicated to advancing regional sustainability initiatives.

Since only 1,000 homes have been retrofitted in Westchester County we need to pump it up.

We're talking about real money here. Real money means hundreds of millions of dollars. Trillions nationwide and potentially more if people really can go green. 

So what is going green statistics needed: at least 1-3. 

“Moving people towards home energy efficiency isn’t just about money; it’s about the environment too,” said Bedford Supervisor Lee Roberts, who has already completed a home energy assessment along with the recommended upgrades. “Bedford’s climate action plan identified that 53 percent of local greenhouse gas One event highlight was the commitment of 66 local leaders who signed the Lead by Example pledge to look at their own home energy use. Energize New York is a community based program that helps homeowners reap the benefits of energy efficiency in a time of record energy costs. The program has the potential to save Westchester homeowners $52 million annually if one in three pursue upgrades that eliminate energy waste. 

NWEAC numbers are great the impact we are showing are minimal as in comparison to what we can do. 

“I just completed the assessment of my home and I was amazed to learn how much energy was leaking through cracks in the walls and through the attic,” said John Codman, Village of Ossining trustee. “Adding insulation, along with a few other upgrades, is going to save me thousands of dollars and make my home more comfortable.”

Yet as Pauline Schneider or @Peacegirl22 stated to me on Twitter: @seth_leitman just wish people reacted as quickly to energy conservation as my XBox does 2 voice commands

Yet as my book Do It Yourself Home Energy Audit explains and @Peacegirl22 did too:

If the way to inspire people to do right thing to #reduceCO2 is thru wallet, then so be it. #NWEACsummit #EnergizePledge

“It’s shocking to imagine we are wasting so much of the energy we use,” said Amy Rosmarin, North Salem councilwoman. “Keeping that money in homeowner’s pockets is our goal. That’s why I decided to show leadership by getting my house an energy assessment and learning where my own home could do better.”

Look I had LEDs in our home going $200.00. One of the hosts said they are saving thousands of dollars. Most likely mic mansion but we'll no go there.

So here is the story. with my help and a few others going greening with our lighting. Yes. LED. Savings $280,000 per year in savings. Also, the village at and the . They got a good deal during the stimulus program. It was like for every dollar you spend you get three back. Insane not to go almost all solar at that point.


Green Schools
Then I went to a break out group for green schools. I saw many people there and met some exciting and excited towns and school districts ready to lock and load on Green Lighting and Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits. 

Yet as I mentioned that they are first working to set a baseline. Once they do that they can start showing numbers. Bottom line, Most school districts don't calculate energy budgets. We need to work with them to collect that data to see what we can then save. Seems like their survey was to long. Maybe I'll help them shrink it. 

I talked and heard all the other schools. It seems like nobody else has gone LED or like Briarcliff Manor School District.

Then we had a wrap up on moving the ball forward. @ReallySocial or Heather Flournoy of Katonah Green and Chris Roberts the leading organizers tweeted: Great point from audience: connect trade schools in all districts w reg pub schools to create design&build projects! #NWEACsummit

So here is the bottom line: If 20 percent of homes (just homes) started saving energy it will add up to billions. Add school districts into the picture that's trillions. That's not even including if we include buildings. Then we are into quad trillions!!

That's nice savings in tax cuts to NY. Now imagine America and the world doing this.


Just for an FYI, the organizer or part organizer was Energize New York, which are currently available in 13 towns in Northern Westchester and will expand its reach to communities in Southern Westchester and six additional mid-Hudson Valley counties in 2012 with funding from a NYSERDA grant. 

Great Tweets

So here were some of the great tweets of the night!

Great! Got a quote Catherine Borgia. This is a great and exciting time. "Ossining library is geothermal and leading way"

Got a quote from Leo Wiegman, Mayor of Croton: "Act Local, Start Now and Think Big!!"

Hey Chuck Lesnick from Yonkers just said we'll clean up where most of the pollution in the County is.

don't forget LED. LOL “@Peacegirl22: Debrief for schools. Much work to do concerning bldng envlope & infiltration, aging boilers, $$

Home Perfomance needs help at energize but Briarcliff School District Is going to go green with LED. 

hey @arneduncan: On avg, green schools save $100K per year on operating costs. Could = 2 new teachers. #2012GSNC going LED 2 save over 280k

Hey @PvillePatch if we do #doityourselfhomeenergy audits to 20% of NY, we can save biliions per year!!

Heather & Chris ‏ @ReallySocial

Pete Harckham: "In addition to leaving the planet in better shape, we have to leave people's wallets in better shape." #NWEACsummit

#TransitionMovement knows how to do all this and more. 400+#Transitiontowns globaly helped towns reduce energy use#NWEACsummit ask #t

Heather & Chris‏ @ReallySocial

Great point from audience: connect trade schools in all districts w reg pub schools to create design&build projects! #NWEACsummit

Seth Leitman ‏ @seth_leitman

When u SEE cash then u go 4 it.Macy's after 1st mo #LED savings in #NYS decided all 50 states. It's just getting them 2 do. It'll happen.

Seth Leitman ‏ @seth_leitman

hey @Peacegirl22: to #reduceCO2 in bldgs and transport gets Cash savings. It's inevitable when you go green! #NWEACsummit#EnergizePledge

 Pauline Schneider ‏ @Peacegirl22

@seth_leitman just wish people reacted as quickly to energy conservation as my XBox does 2 voice commands

Energy efficiency is not freezing with sweater in winter and TV off #tomBregman #NWEACsummit

I have a 42 inch flatscreen LED cheaper than LCD best buy. 9w vs 200 or 150. @Peacegirl22: Nrg efficiency nt freezing and TV off#tomBregman

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Lea Cullen Boyer April 02, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Let's get it Seth! Millions of dollars hanging from our eaves just waiting to be collected through energy efficiency.
pauline schneider April 05, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Thanks for quoting my tweets Seth! :) And the additional perk of saving energy this way goes to further the evidence that Indian Point is our county's carbunkle, and not a clean, renewable energy resource... Saving money and saving the environment in a myriad of ways. How amazing is that?
Remy Chevalier September 13, 2012 at 12:19 PM
LEDs = No Nukes!
Remy Chevalier September 13, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Carbunkle: ~ A spark plug sized turd similar to a dingleberry that hangs off of a dog's ass in the winter while piching a loaf in the freezing cold. (I had to look it up...)


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