Ossining Maintenance Super Receives High Honors

Ossining schools' maintenance supervisor is receiving a lot of praise these days.

Ossining school's Maintenance Supervisor William Dalton has been named Employee of the Year, by the Rotary Club of Ossining. Dalton's job entails overseeing all of the daily work at all of the district's schools. Dalton has been working for the school district since December of 1979.

"It comes down to my co-workers as well. My men that work underneath me are all great. So I owe it all to them. I've been here for a long time and it's always nice to be recognized for the work that you do," said Dalton.

Ossining's Director of Building and Grounds Kenneth Waldron says he's very proud of Supervisor Dalton's work.

“Mr. Dalton is extremely dedicated to the students and staff of the Ossining School District. He takes his position as Maintenance Supervisor very seriously and considers the safety of our students and staff his top priority," said Waldron.

Dalton, who is an Ossining native, says that he was very pleased to get the award from the Ossining Rotary Club during a special ceremony on Novemer 9.

"I love what I do. I love where I work," said Dalton. "I love keeping these buildings in shape—solving problems everyday. I treasure all of that."

Ossining's Director of Building and Grounds Kenneth Waldron says Dalton takes a great deal of pride in his work, as well as the work of his team. Waldron says that Dalton's most recent accomplishment was establishing an electronic system for maintenance orders. The system that he implemented for the district is called SchoolDude. The online software gives everyone in the district easy access to repair orders and tracking.

"The problems that we always had, when it came to workflow, were the channels that it went through. I wanted to cut the number of channels and cut the red tape. This system allows everyone to logon to it, because it's internet based. So it's easy for the teachers to logon and create a work order and to follow up on it, to see where it's at, who's been assigned to it, what the status of it is and if it is going to be completed. It's really expedited the work around here," said Dalton.


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