Cortlandt Veteran Encourages Public to Rally at Montrose VA

Town officials and veterans will rally at the Montrose Veterans Affairs Hospital June 14.

From Chairman of Cortlandt Hudson Valley Veterans Committee William Nazario:

Greetings Patriots & Friends,   

Attached is the flyer for Cortlandt Hudson Valley Veterans rally at the V.A. Hudson Valley Health Care Systems Montrose Campus. You will kindly note that no where in there does it mention President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for whom it was named after. That's the V.A.'s doing. Let's honor his name on Flag Day by refusing to allow the continous downsizing & outsourcing of the services that we as Veterans have earned. With PTSD & TBI the hot topics in news, you'd think that the VA would want to expand on the nations #1 PTSD treatment facility.

The DAV and other service organizations have already stated that the VA is not living up to its potential because of it's inadequate funding and staffing shortages. Let's not allow Washington to slash our services & budget. Show up and be counted as one of the defenders of our earned healthcare system. Let's bring "Mother Montrose" back to it's glory days as a full service hospital. Silence & apathy gain us nothing but more disregard. Please pass this message on !!!!                                      

Yours In Patriotism,                                    

William (Willy) Nazario                                           

Chairman Cortlandt Hudson Valley Veterans Committee, and Jr. Vice Commander Dept. of New York Military Order of the Purple Heart 


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