Westchester Looks to Grow Business Base [VIDEO]

County looks to attract and encourage small and medium-sized business owners.

Giving businesses the tools to succeed in Westchester County was the focus of a marketing campaign launched in Elmsford Monday.

"We fight because we believe you can always do better," stated Laurence Gottlieb, director of the county's Office of Economic Development.

He went on to outline a plan to help small and medium-sized businesses start up and thrive in Westchester.

With Captain Lawrence Brewing Company's new tasting room as the backdrop, business leaders from around the county gathered to check out Grow, a publication from the county that likens growing a business to maintaining a garden.

"We want to build our bench strength as that critical economic engine by helping individuals who have that spark of entrepreneurial spirit—to feed that spark so that it turns into a flame as we see here at Captain Lawrence," Gottlieb said.

In addition to the brewery that was founded in Pleasantville, the advertising campaign features Regeneron Laboratories, the Hudson Valley Hospital Center and Candela Systems, among others.

"Much of the day-to-day assistance we provide is in the form of guidance," said Rob Astorino, Westchester County executive. "We can help find resources that people might not know about as quickly as possible—whether it's in financing or mentoring or even networking."

Captain Lawrence Owner and Founder Scott Vaccaro, a native of South Salem and current Pleasantville resident, said he always knew his business would be in his home county.

"Westchester County is just so unique in where it is geographically...and just the people who live here seem to really appreciate fine food and fine beer," he said.

To learn more about what the Office of Economic Development offers Westchester businesses, visit its website.

Joe Tucci April 03, 2012 at 06:39 PM
I have a small business in Croton -On -Hudson and the village is deteriorating. There are no businesses left. I have been in business 23 years. We have a village manager that wont even respond to e mails. I as a business owner am getting charged for a parking permit and do not have dedicated parking. One side of town has dedicated parking for merchants and their employees and the other side does not. This town is not conducive to do business. A village manager that is deaf the mouths of merchants. What do we do? Everyone is either trying to sell their business in Croton or is closing their doors. Joe T
Briar Bagels April 03, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Don't forget... Westchester County also likes bagels!!


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