Walmart Supercenter Proposed for Cortlandt

A local developer is hoping to build the superstore across the street from the Cortlandt Town Center; Supervisor Puglisi and local residents have concerns.

wants to move a supercenter into the lot across from the Cortlandt Town Center off Route 6, according to the developer hoping to build it. 

Westrock Development discussed its plans for the 161,000 square foot super store to the town board this week and explained that Walmart is fully on board with the project. If the town allows the project, the supercenter would replace the current Walmart located within the  Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi said that while the town does not want Walmart to leave Cortlandt, she and residents have concerns over the proposal.

“This will beautify Cortlandt Boulevard. We are hoping that it facilitates the installation of a sewer along Route 6 and hoping it facilitates a new traffic light for residents of Baker Street to make it safer and it will keep Walmart in the Town of Cortlandt,” Westrock Developer Jason Friedland told Patch.

The current Walmart’s lease expires in about four years and Walmart officials want to open a supercenter as opposed to the smaller store they have now. But the Cortlandt Town Center management’s non-compete clause would prevent Walmart from building a supermarket because of the A&P located in the center, Friedland said. So Walmart is seeking a more accomodating location.

Westrock has owned the 36-acre lot across from the town center, which currently has the Puppies, Puppies, Puppies and a few other small businesses, for more than six years and to open a large shopping mall. The lot is half commercial and half residential so a supercenter would require the town to rezone part of the parcel, which is not a decision they will make hurriedly. 

"It's too large," Puglisi said in an email to Patch. She cited concerns over traffic and accidents in the area; the impact of a super store on the residential neighborhood that abuts the property and the impact to current grocery stores and empty spaces at the Cortladnt Town Center.

Friedland said that Westrock would donate 14 acres to the Town to serve as a buffer area between the store and the neighborhood behind it.

The Lakeland Central School District’s l is right across the street from the proposed Walmart. When asked how the project may effect the schools, Friedland said that "the main issue as it relates to the school is that the school is on a septic system which is leaking on to Westrock’s property."

“It is disgusting,” he said. “To have the school on a brand new sewer system is much better.”

In regards to other traffic and noise concerns Friedland said “we have a whole bunch of professionals working on all the issues.”

The Walmart would help pay for a system that the town wants to build and Westrock engineers have been working with town engineers on the system, Friedland said. Walmart would pay for a large part of the building of the system and then take a heavy tax burden off other businesses along the Route 6 corridor, Friedland said.

While Puglisi has concerns over such a large supercenter, she explained that she does not want to see Walmart leave Cortlandt. "We don't want Wal-Mart to leave our area, it's a very popular store and helps our local economy with jobs, revenue and provides an inventory and variety of products that are affordable for our families." 

With Walmart and Westrock in agreement on the plans, the project depends on the Town of Cortlandt.


Would you want to see a Walmart supercenter to be built on the parcel off Route 6? Tell us in the comments and take our poll.

Lady44 April 10, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Actually, Concerned Yorktowner, unless the old Walmart space is being demolished (it is not), it IS ADDITIONAL commercial space. Also, the new Walmart would be significantly larger than the old one, and would only be commercially viable (and as previously noted, worthy of their investment) if it brought in MORE customers - hence MORE traffic. Last, I don't think you should guess about what might replace Walmart in the old space. If a retailer is substantial enough to fill the space and pay the high rent that is inherent with the Town Center, I would expect that more than minimal consumer trafiic could be expected. Unless you live right there, like I do, and routinely play dodge 'em with the 18 wheelers speeding down the hill on Rte. 6 just to then sit in a mile long line of traffic to leave your own neighborhood, I don't think you can fully appreciate the impact of this proposal.
Bill April 10, 2012 at 08:19 PM
How would you NOT get something like WM to take the space when it's a 100,000 square foot space? The best thing that could happen in all of this (since I am not a big WM fan) is for Target to move into that space. Now, I will admit that this is only maybe another 20% added to the existing retail space of the Cortlandt Town Center, even less if you include Kohls. But Route 6 is a disaster and something needs to be done to fix the traffic issues coming from Yorktown. It does not appear that anything is being done on its own so Cortlandt should take this opportunity to get the developer/WM to make improvements. Traffic coming down the hill gets backed up when that stupid traffic light across from McDonalds goes red because someone at the glass shop parks on the sensor (or it just breaks). With stores on that side, traffic will be stopped regularly and you need someplace for the traffic to sit rather than on the hill.
Chris K April 19, 2012 at 07:40 PM
The issue with route 6 is the traffic lanes going up the hill to the Lexington ave intersection. Even if they put a light at Baker which is proposed by West rock development, its up to Yorktown and to change the light timing.and traffic pattern through town.
Bill April 19, 2012 at 07:43 PM
I could be wrong, but I think that the state DOT owns the traffic lights on Route 6 since it is a state road.
Costco lover June 21, 2012 at 06:00 PM
How about filling up the empty A&P in Yorktown and the closed Circuit city store instead of creating another walmart.


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