Supervisor's Update for the Town of Ossining

Supervisor Sue Donnelly is updating residents on the state of the Town of Ossining. Here is what she has written to residents.

The continues to move forward on its many projects, as well as the day-to-day running of the municipality.  We have made some changes that will not only have a positive fiscal impact, but will also help us to expedite many of the ever-evolving projects with which we’re faced at this time.

We have signed on to utilize the ENGINEERING services (ONLY!) of the Village of Ossining for the rest of 2012- the savings we realize by making this switch are dependent on the infrastructure projects we’re able to finish.   Aside from the Village, we interviewed five private companies, and determined that with the projects we have outstanding at this time, the Village had the structure in place, as well as the institutional and municipal knowledge to get these projects underway in the most cost effective manner.

We have told the County that, while we would love for them to purchase the police station on North State Road, we understand if they have determined that they do not need the space.  We have asked them to eliminate the portion of the contract that allows them to use the building, and we have removed all equipment and shut down all services to the building (except for Con Edison).  The County response was that they understood our desire to sell the building to relieve the tax payers of a large debt, and that the officers would be moved to Hawthorne and the aforementioned section of the contract would be removed; the lawyers are working on the language as we speak.

The building is currently being paid for with capital debt.  I am attaching the capital payment schedules so that you can see the payments (both past and upcoming) on the building.  It is important to note that NONE of this debt is completely due in the next few years, as has been suggested by some individuals.  What does exist, as with many kinds of debt, is a call feature which allows the borrower (the Town) to pay off the bond to refinance or pay back.  Two of the three bonds concerning the police station have call dates of 2014.  Once the building is sold, that debt will be eradicated and we can examine what combination of tax relief and work on infrastructure projects is appropriate for the unincorporated area of the Ossining community.  All bond information can be found on the budget page of the Town of Ossining web page.

Download the Capital Payment Schedule and Bonds concerning the Police Station (PDF) here...

Budget Office: http://www.townofossining.com/depts/budget_office.htm

We are very pleased with the financial state of the Town, and our fund balances are robust.  A fund balance is like a rainy day fund- it is money put away that is available should the need arise.

As of end of 2011:
General Fund      $ 1,022,444
Unincorporated      $ 980,987
Highway                 $ 486,603

We have not changed any other service(s) within the Unincorporated area of the Town.  We will be meeting at the Ossining Public Library for a Town Hall Meeting on June 19th  at 7:30PM (please mark your calendars now) during which we will focus  on issues and opportunities in the Unincorporated area of the Town.  We commit to you that we are interested in how every community member feels about our current services, and in whether the community wants us to investigate alternate options.  This Board vows to keep the residents informed AT ALL TIMES of the opportunities that come forward to reduce redundancies, while delivering services to which the residents in the Unincorporated area are accustomed, and deserve.

The Board has discussed different items to accomplish this, one being the alteration of the Accessory Apartment law.  The law exists currently, and requires that the applicant to go before the Zoning Board for a variance, and only if the desired apartment is within the main building on the property. A request was brought before the Board for residents to have the opportunity to have the apartment in a building other then the home; an applicant would follow the same rules, except that the apartment could be in an “out-building” (such as, above a garage).  We held a public hearing and discussed this topic at several work sessions, with ALL Board members and the audience participating in the discussion.  It was determined that we would not entertain that change, and furthermore, we would examine the law in its entirety to ensure that all current concerns were addressed.  It is crucial to understand that as our population grows, older families might need to have the ability to move in together while having the opportunity to have their own personal space.

The Town of Ossining Board consists of five dedicated members who bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table.  Each is a free thinker and is encouraged to express their opinions on every subject we discuss.  Should you have any concerns or opinions on issues concerning the community please feel free to contact us:

Susanne Donnelly: sdonnelly@townofossining.com
Eric P. Blaha: blaha@townofossining.com
Geoffrey Harter: harter@townofossining.com
Peter Tripodi IV: tripodi@townofossining.com
Northern Wilcher: wilcher@townofossining.com

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Town of Ossining Town Hall Meeting
June 19, 2012 7:30 PM
Ossining Library
Agenda : Issues, Concerns and Opportunities of the Residents of the Unincorporated area of the Town of Ossining.

Thank you.
Susanne Donnelly, Ossining Town Supervisor

16 Croton Ave, Ossining NY 10562

insider May 26, 2012 at 01:39 AM
she is working hard to turn the town into the village!!!!! there goes my services.


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