Ossining Launches New Website

Town supervisor says new and enhanced features and less clutter make the new site more user-friendly.

The Town of Ossining has given its website a facelift.

At Tuesday's Town Hall meeting at the , Town Supervisor Susanne Donnelly announced the new site is up and running and just about complete.

"The town web page has proven to be very successful over the years and everything," she said. "But, we decided we are going to modernize it a little bit, not make it so busy on the front page and make it so it's easier to find stuff."

Dean Pacchiana, the town's webmaster, said the former site has been operating for 12 years.

"We just broke it down and started from scratch," he explained. "Some of the reasoning behind that—usability, it was getting cluttered...it looked like a big everything pizza."

The more "streamlined" design, Pacchiana said, "is ready for mobile apps; it will look much better on your iPads, on your smartphones."

Additionally, "There was a lot of cost-savings in this," he noted.

One significant change in the new site is the splitting of the calendar—there are now separate tabs for the "Events Calendar" and "Community Calendar."

"The events calendar is basically only going to be for municipal events," Pacchiana said, citing board meetings as examples.

The community calendar is usable by residents and is operated through Americantowns.com.

Other changes include making newsletters more automated and the addition of court decision documents to the site.

"By the end of the week, everything will be on the new site," Donnelly said. "We think it's very exciting. It's going to help us post things a lot quicker."

Chris August 23, 2012 at 11:09 AM
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