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Ossining Highway Dept. Debate

The debate over whether the Town of Ossining's highway superintendent position should be appointed instead of elected is heating up.

Ossining's highway superintendent position is back in the news. Voters will now decide whether the position will change to an appointed position or stay an elected position. The vote will happen during the November election.

Currently, Michael G. O'Connor holds the Town of Ossining highway superintendent position. He was re-elected to the position after running unopposed in November of 2011. In a post on Patch, Town of Ossining Supervisor Sue Donnelly gave a number of reasons why the change was proposed. Included in the post was this PowerPoint presentation on the issue.

Last week, O'Connor by American Legion Post 506. The organization honored the 47-year VFW member for his service to Post 506 and for his service to the Ossining community.

O'Connor was a Town of Ossining councilman from 1990 to 2005. He has served in the position of highway superintendent ever since. O'Connor, who is also a volunteer fireman, is paid $89,536 to head the .

O'Connor's current term ends in January of 2014. If the public votes in favor of the change, the Town of Ossining will begin accepting applications for the position leading up to the election, either in the summer or the fall of 2013.

Do you think that the highway superintendent position should be appointed instead of elected? Tell us by clicking on the comment button and vote in our poll.



Robert Shemran August 30, 2012 at 11:45 AM
This is pure power play on the part of the Board members to get rid of a popular, effective and long-time supervisor, so that they can appoint a crony of somebody else who is indebted to them instead of the community. They hope not enough people will notice at election time, so their ugly plan can slip through
insider August 30, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Not to worry she wont make another term!!!!! she is a one hit wonder.
Chris Clement September 02, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Having highway supervisor position elected or appointed is, IMO, the same when a municipality has a one-party rule. The political party in control pushes for the person of their choice and the residents will vote PARTY. If the political party in control appoints person to fill a position, better believe person will be in their political party. Either way, any municipal board will get the person THEY want in the position. Have heard that the current highway superintendent's background was computers and a few years for Con Ed. Had no DPW background prior to being elected. Yet the majority of residents voted him into office. Not on his qualifications or background, only because town had political control. Appointed or Elected? Six of one, half dozen of another. No difference.


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