NRC Announces Indian Point Hearing Location

This October’s hearings will be held in Tarrytown.

The Atomic and Safety Licensing Board will hear contentions regarding at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown this fall.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced that the Board will hold the hearings on the pre-filed evidentiary submissions for the ten contentions on Oct. 15-18, Oct. 22-24 and Dec. 10-14. The hearing will start at 1 p.m. Oct. 15 and start times following will be announced at the hearing itself.

The attached Notice of Hearing lists the order in which the contentions will be heard.

The NRC noted that parties wishing to reserve conference-room space in the hotel for the duration of the hearing must contact the hotel directly at 914-631-5700.


ACC July 31, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Entergy would like to continue to milk this cash cow for as long as possible, so they will fight for the extension with all of their power. Although the risk of a failure might be statistically low, time is not a friend to the metals and concrete exposed to high radiation and high pressures. There is no way to predict when something might let go and, and, unlike conventionally fired plants the radiation threat can affect an entire region. Unfortunately, Indian Point is smack in the middle of a very densely populated area that drills have shown could not be evacuated quickly. The standards and knowledge now in effect would not let Indian Point be built today. It is time to correct the error, and shut it down. Perhaps the generators could be saved and hooked up to a gas turbine plant. In a downside situation, aside from the danger to the population, all property owners stand to lose: Casualty Insurance EXCLUDES damage from radiation from all sources. If your home were to become unlivable due to a mishap at Indian Point, sorry ‘bout that. Unless of course Entergy has the financial resources to make it right. Good Luck! Even if the license extension is not approved, we still have the problem of dismantlement. Recent data seem to indicate that it will cost more to remove than it cost to build. Indian Point 1 has just been sitting there—no plan or progress there (although it may not be Entergy’s problem). Be vocal to stop the extension!


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