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N. State Road Housing Development Reapproved

The proposed building will have 14 units of affordable housing at the Comstock site

With funding not yet finalized, representatives for Comstock Residential Contracting returned to the Village of Briarcliff Manor Planning Board Tuesday seeking site plan approval for a .

While virtually the same plan was approved approximately one year ago by the planning board, the time frame for construction to begin has expired.

"The village board adopted a zoning amendment specifically to allow this mixed use with the affordable housing units in it," added Linda Whitehead, an attorney representing the applicant.

In addition to two-bedroom apartments that will satisfy the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) settlement reached with Westchester County's guidelines for "fair and affordable" units, the project will have two office spaces.

There will be two buildings at the 445 N. State Road site that currently holds a vacant Comstock structure.

The HUD settlement requires that 750 units that meet affordability guidelines be implemented across 31 named communities across the county, including Briarcliff Manor. However, Westchester County has not set individual allocations for its municipalities.

The county approved the project and allocated funding about four months ago.

Planning Board Member Jay Neveloff asked about the site's landscaping and screening.

Landscape Architect Frank Giuliano said the applicant plans to maintain the deciduous trees currently bordering the sides and rear of the property, as well as add some additional trees.

"There are no existing trees in the rear being removed," he said.

Stuart Halper, a planning board member, asked whether neighbors using a nearby condominium complex's pool would be able to see the building.

Guiliano said a significant grade and the treeline would prevent them from viewing the proposed structure.

"The proposed building is essentially in the same place as the existing building," added Whitehead.

Brett Newman, a Deer Tree Lane resident, was one of several residents who attended yesterday's public hearing.

He expressed similar concern for Winterberry Lane residents and a possible new housing development in that area. He also asked if dumpster areas or other items outside of the building could be viewed by neighbors.

Whitehead said the proposal does not include any patios, doors or sidewalks at the rear of the building and Guiliano added the dumpster would be located on the side of the two-story structure.

Proposed lighting sconces at the rear of the building, Whitehead said, could be removed from the proposal.

Kim Izzarelli, also of Deer Tree Lane, asked whether the village offers "a maintenance plan for new plantings."

Village Engineer David Turiano said applicants must submit two-year maintenance guarantee plans when seeking approval.

The board went on close the public hearing and unanimously reapprove the proposal.

Representatives told the board that they hope to secure funding shortly and begin construction at the site in the fall. They anticipate the project will take one year to complete.

"It's ready to go," Whitehead said.



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