Local Lottery Winners Share $1M Prize

They hit it big on a Powerball drawing and now they're splitting the prize three ways.

Three friends who started playing Powerball together more than 10 years ago have finally hit it big.

Anthony Criscione of Rye Brook, Michael Giuffre of the Bronx and Frank Mondrone of Pelham Manor won a $1,000,000 second prize from the July 11 Powerball drawing.

They have been friends for 30 years and have a tradition of buying Powerball tickets together.

"It's nice to win with friends. It's a big accomplishment," said Mondrone of Pelham Manor.

Mondrone will receive half of the $1,000,000 lump sum payment because he is charge of purchasing and checking the group's tickets. After required withholding his net check will total $330,900.

Criscione and Giuffre will split the remainder of the prize. Criscione will receive a net check totaling $165,450, and Giuffre's net share totals $155,760. All three winners plan to use their portion of the winnings helping their families.

The winning numbers from the July 11 Powerball drawing were 5-22-36-49-55, Powerball 23.

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