Croton Sidewalk Replacement

During the warm weather months sidewalks will be replaced in the Village.

A long stretch of broken and uneven sidewalk at the station has been replaced. The walk, stretching along the tracks north of the railroad station building to the north end of the parking lot, was replaced in early June. 

During the warm weather months many other sidewalks will be replaced in the Village. The Village is continuing to replace sidewalks for residents who had previously signed up for the Sidewalk Improvement Program in which the costsare shared.  The program is closed for additional enrollees, but all the sidewalk replacement work has not yet been completed. In addition, a curb replacement program is ongoing to replace deteriorated or low curbs that contribute to drainage run-off problems on Village streets and may affect private property. Annually the Village designates $100,000 in its Capital Budget for sidewalk and curb replacements.

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The preceding was from the Village of Croton-on-Hudson's summer newsletter.

Irwin I. Wikler July 23, 2012 at 10:07 PM
I presume the Village (i.e., the residents of the Village) will pick up the tab for this work. That being the case, How much will this work cost and where in the Village budget is the money coming from?
NannoC July 23, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Why so grumpy about a necessary sidewalk repair at the Village-owned parking lot? Cheaper to fix it than defend a law suit from the old busted up one (have walked it many a time). Where's the money coming from? Says so right at the end of the article: "Annually the Village designates $100,000 in its Capital Budget for sidewalk and curb replacements." As far as I can tell from this link to Croton Village website, NET (aftr expenses, including maintenance costs) for 2011 was about $1.7M to the Village coffers. http://village.croton-on-hudson.ny.us/Public_Documents/CrotonHudsonNY_WebDocs/mayor/parking Croton is super lucky to have the lot to keep property tax leview lower.


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