Croton Construction Projects

Summer/Fall Public Works Projects in the Village of Croton-on-Hudson.

Several Village infrastructure projects are scheduled to be undertaken over the coming months. Among them are the following: 

Water Main improvements

Surveying is completed and preliminary design work is under way for water mainreplacements in the Wolf Rd./Cook Lane and Truesdal/Nordica/Cedar Lane areas. Arrangements for establishing staging areas for construction materials are being put in place in anticipation of the construction work beginning after final design specifications are drawn and the project is put to bid. 

Elliott Way  

A new road bed and pedestrian sidewalk will be constructed between Senasqua Park and the Yacht Club entrance. As part of this project a new water main loop will be installed to provide a backup water supply for Half Moon Bay residents.

Georgia Lane

Repairs to the emergency spillway and damaged pond berm as well as enlarging the existing culvert and replacement of the outlet structure and discharge pipe is planned to comply with Stormwater Phase 1 and Phase 2 regulations.

Farrington Rd./Hunter Pl

Work will begin on the water main and sewer line replacements for these streets.Work will include new paving and sidewalks and curbs.  Work is expected to begin in the Fall. 

Well Fields

A plan for increasing chlorine contact time for water being pumped from the Village well field will be finalized and permit approvals will be sought.  

Sidewalks and Curbs

The Village will continue the installation of new sidewalks and curbs as part of its long-term Sidewalk Replacement program in which residents paypart of the cost.   

General Road Repairs

The yearly resurfacing and repair of streets throughout the Village will continue.


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