Cortlandt Supervisor Outlines Plans for 2013

Cortlandt Supervisor Linda Puglisi outlines her plans for the year.

Editor's Note: The following statement was sent by Cortlandt Supervisor Linda Puglisi. If you would like to post your news to Patch, click here.


I. Town Finances: 

  • Continue the 22 years of very low town taxes, low spending and low debt. Only 1% of an increase in town taxes for 22 years (1992 - 2013). We never have had a deñcit and aìways a surpìus each year. We are the original tax cap government before it became a New York State mandate two years ago. 

II. Capital Projects and Road Improvements: 

  • Completion of the Rte. 202/ Lafayette Avenue/ Conklin Avenue/ Hospitai exit project for safety purposes. This needed traffic light improvement is paid for by the New York State D.O.T. but monitored bythe Town of Cortlandt. 
  • Complete the restoration and repair to the Furnace Dock Lake Dam paid for by Con Edison but monitored by the Town of Cortlandt. The Town of Cortiandt preserved and bought this important lake in 2011 from Con Edison. 
  • Compìete a public boat launch and ramp on the Hudson River at the Cortlandt Waterfront Park in the hamlet of Verplanck (Spring of 2013). 
  • Completion of Continental Village waterline replacements (6,300 linear feet). 
  • One million dollars of surface facing/paving in early Fall of 2013. (In 2012 we did $800,000. of paving.) 
  • Additional drainage projects (small and Íarge) throughout the Town. 
  • Bear Mountain Parkway safety improvements (a New York State highway) paid for by the New York State D.O.T. (more details to follow and these improvements resulted from a community petition effort to the State.) 
  • Removaì of two obsolete bridges beyond repair that cross over railroad tracks in Cortlandt. A shared project with Metro-North. 
  • The next phase of Broadway improvements in the hamlet of Verplanck (sidewalks, decorative lighting, etc.). 
  • Additional improvements for safety and aesthetics on Cortlandt Boulevard/ Rte. 6. All improvements either come from Federal grants, private businesses or a smaller amount from the Town. 
  • Construct another water storage tank-in the central part of town and plan for additional waterline repairs and replacements where needed. 
  • Continue planning the Annsville Circle area for improved safety, pedestrian walkways under the bridge area, beautification projects, encourage more smaller businesses in that area and give this northern section of Town more identity. 
  • Continue to look for traffic calming measures to make our major town roaäs safer (signage, electronic speed signs,  site distance Work, etc.) 

III. Recreation Proiects and Activities:

  • A new Cortlandt 5k Run (October 26, 2013). 
  • Hold our Annual Cortlandt Family Fun Day in September and our Charitable Annual Golf Outing in October (all proceeds are distributed to our first responder groups). 
  • Develop plans for a town walking/biking/jogging path and for additional all purpose fields in the community. 
  • Find a location for an outdoor Olympic-size Volleyball Court (perhaps at the lawn on Cortlandt Waterfront Park). 
  • Consider a community garden (perhaps at the same location at the Cortlandt Waterfront Park). 
  • Continue to plan for a second water theme park at Sprout Brook Park (we have been waiting for a better economy before we proceed with this Concept). 
  • Expand usage of our Youth and Recreation Center and our Community Senior Center, as well as, at our C.U.E. facility. 
  • Continue to look for the right plan and proper location fox1 an indoor' ice skating rink. 
  • 2013 is the 225th Anniversary of the Town of Cortlandt and we want to have a community celebration. Plans are in the works and we need some interested vohlnteers to assist. Contact the Supervisor's office.  It would take pìace this summer. 


  • Continue to lobby New York State to oversee the power company (Con Edison) that restores power to our residents and businesses during and after storms (i.e. Hurricanes Irene and Sandy). The Supervisor and Town Board have reported their concerns to the New York State Public Service Commission offering suggestions for a better response during these eriticaì weather related outages. It is the top managers of Con Edison that need to make improvements for a better power restoration plan. 
  • Sign up to be on the Town of Cortiandt e-mail list to receive important notices and register your various phone numbers with our Code Red system for emergency notices. 
  • We have an extensive town website www.townofcortlandt.com with interesting and important information related to our government and community including links to agencies for emergency notifications. 
  • As always we will continue to monitor the V.A. to ensure that the current services are provided for our Veterans and that new programs are initiated to assist the men and women who have defended us and served our Country. We encourage all Veterans to join  Cortlandt Hudson Valley Veterans Committee and to attend our monthly meetings at Town Hail and events throughout the year. Contact the Supervisor's office for additional information. 
  • We are in the process of revitalizing our history programs and activities (website, etc.) to make sure everyone learns about the historical Town of Cortlandt. Please visit our historic Tollhouse (May- November). 
  • Also, we will continue our efforts to promote our local smaller businesses with our “Shop and Do Business Week” in April, but everyone should do business locally! Our “Taking Care of Business” television program continues with Town Board members interviewing local businesses. 
  • The improvement and enhancement of our hamlet areas and neighborhoods are Very important to us and we will continue to go throughout the Town and speak to our residents to get their ideas and suggestions (i.e. M.E.P., V.E.P., R.E.P.). 
  • Recycling, conserving energy and ail sustainability issues are important to our government and community. We have a “Green Team” and are involved with many organizations to work together on these important issues. 
  • The Adopt-an-Island or Corner program in Town continues. Go on our website to learn more about this beautification program. 

“It is an honor to be Cortlandt’s Supervisor and to work with our Town Board members, all of our Town employees and with our community. Cortlandt is a wonderful and lovely Town.” 
Thank you.

John Murray January 11, 2013 at 11:25 PM
Great to read about the "Continue planning the Annsville Circle area for improved safety, pedestrian walkways under the bridge area, beautification projects, encourage more smaller businesses in that area and give this northern section of Town more identity." Dodging traffic there during runs is challenging! Moved here 13 years ago -it's been a great town to live in. Keep up the great work ToC!
Deb Carlin Polhill January 12, 2013 at 06:33 PM
Congrats to Supv. Puglisi for her continued and effective leadership. Thanks to such diligence, The Town of Cortlandt continues to lead the way in setting the example of fiscal control, while further improving and expanding our community. I have been a resident of this town for almost 30 years. Keep up the great work Supervisor, it is sincerely appreciated.
sayitsnotsojack January 13, 2013 at 03:57 PM
If only the school district would learn from her.


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