Briarcliff's Izzarelli to Challenge Galef for Assembly Seat

Kim Izzarelli is announcing that she is running for incumbent Sandy Galef's assembly seat.

The following is a news release from Kim Izzarelli for New York State Assembly:

Kim Izzarelli will formerly announce her bid to challenge incumbent Assemblywoman Sandy Galef for the (new) 95th New York State Assembly District, on Wednesday.

Izzarelli, 51, who is a pension and employee benefits consultant, will seek the Republican and Conservative endorsements. Primary challenges are not expected. Izzarelli also interviewed with the Independence Party for its endorsement.

A true fiscal conservative, Izzarelli is in favor of repealing New York's Triborough Amendment and plans to campaign heavily on Galef's continued sponsorship and support of legislation that creates unfunded mandates on the state's school districts and municipalities. Claiming Galef is ineffective as chair of New York's Real Property Tax Committee, Izzarelli noted that both in live in Ossining where taxpayers suffer from high property taxes.

"Galef prides herself and her colleagues for bringing the 2% Tax (levy) Cap legislation, but she lacks the discipline needed to bring true mandate relief to New York's taxpayers. " states Izzarelli. "People are tired of hearing her litany of excuses. After 20 years in the Assembly, she's lost her pull. She no longer serves her taxpayer constituents and should retire."

A resident of the village of Briarcliff Manor, Izzarelli was narrowly defeated in her 2011 run for town of Ossining Council member, and twice before in 2007 and 2010 for village trustee.

Noting Galef's role on LATFOR, the New York State Legislative Task Force for Redistricting, Izzarelli added "Sandy may have drawn out every prospective challenger except me, but I intend to give her a good fight. She's done a great job raising our property taxes. I'm confident voters will send me to Albany on November 6th."

Galef earns an annual salary of $79,500 as assemblywoman, plus committee stipends and expenses.


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