Unusual Suspects: Man Breaks Vase; Tires Stolen; Man Attacks Construction Vehicle

Recent strange and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

A West Harrison man just couldn't wait to get his dog's medical records from Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center. When it took too long to get them via phone, he went to the office and, according to the report, had a verbal disagreement, apparently unhappy with the service he received. The man then broke a vase and damaged a plant.

A construction vehicle near the intersection of Waller and Maple Avenue in White Plains was subject to some rough handling when a West Harrison man jumped on it and started banging on the windshield. According to police, they asked the man to leave but he refused and started cursing at officers. As police approached the vehicle, the man allegedly lunged at them and tried to throw a punch. After police had him under control he started spitting and continued cursing. 

Schultz Ford in Nanuet was hit again by tire thieves, according to police. The gate was discovered open and two cars were up on blocks with eight tires missing.

Port Chester police reported a local man smashed the glass front door of Tres Amigos when he was asked to leave at closing time. The man became upset when a restaurant employee told patrons it was time to leave and allegedly picked up a chair and tried to hit the employee. After he went outside, the man is reported to have picked up a rock and thrown it at the door.

A man and woman were seen taking a leafblower from a landscaping truck, according to Briarcliff police. The couple fled the scene.

A Bronx woman became angry after getting banned from the White Plains Galleria, according to police. When she was handed a notice informing her of the ban, she began cursing and crumpled the paper and threw it to the ground. According to police, the woman tried to grab her I.D. card as they attempted to take down her information and caused a scene. She was arrested but continued the behavior, flailing her arms. 


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