Police: Woman Sold Buchanan Teen Alcohol the Night He Drowned

Police arrested a Valentine Grocery store clerk for allegedly selling Four Loco to Sanitago Mendia.

New York State Police in Cortlandt arrested a 32-year-old Valentine Grocery store clerk for selling alcohol to 18-year-old Santiago Mendia the night that police report. Mendia was reported missing around 9 p.m. July 14 and was found drowned in a small pond in Montrose on July 16 around 8:15 a.m.

The clerk, Peekskill resident Rosa E. Saquinaula, allegedly sold Santiago four 24 ounce cans of Four Loco alcohol without asking for identification to prove that he was 21 years old or older around 7 p.m. on July 14, police report.

Witnesses told police that Mendia appeared to be intoxicated prior to last being seen that night.

An autopsy performed by the Westchester Medical Examiner’s Office on July 16 indicated that Mendia died as a result of an accidental drowning with toxicology results sill pending.

Any one with information regarding the activities of Santiago Mendia is urged to contact the State Police BCI in Cortland at 914-788-8044.

leesther brown July 20, 2012 at 07:14 PM
How about Chuck Schumer holds a press conference and stops the distribution of this Four Locos!!!,it's has the same effect as that incense(Synthetic Weed) they running around here smoking...Go after these bodegas that are selling this junk...
Abby Normal July 20, 2012 at 07:30 PM
Another of our youths is dead and the contributing factors were all preventable. A clerk violates the law and sells alcohol to a minor. Preventable. Four Locos, a drink that is made with alcohol but intentionally marketed to youths is once again involved. Preventable. Synthetic Weed, Bath Salts, the list keeps growing. As soon as we make something illegal the miscreants in this world put something else on the market that will kill our children. Don't let Santiago's death be in vane. We need our law makers to step up and pass some meaningful legislation to punish the companies and individuals marketing these things. We need to protect our children.
Tamela November 05, 2012 at 03:08 PM
well i know the teen and yes he liked to party thats just what made him happy on the weekends like many teens and many will not like this comment but i later found out she knew him and knew his age and she still sold him the alcohol, and thats where he always got it from was HER if she didnt supply him with the alcohol knowing him or not he wouldnt have been drunk in the first place and what she did was ILLEGAL and im happy she was arrested it brought some relief to the family and no ones blaming his death on her ty its the fact she sold alcohol to a minor! knowing he was a minorso please get your facts straight before giving this lady a round of applause ppl!
Tamela November 05, 2012 at 03:15 PM
yes four lokos should be off every shelf in the usa! its causing many ppl to go crazy for it being a high energy drink and with alcohol? the makers of the beverage should take it off the market! and yes he was 18 old enough to make his own decisions the parents held responsible? i stood next to the mother grieving and tried to comfort her. when you break the law by selling alcohol to a minor you should go to jail end of story its against the law!
Sami November 05, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Are you implying that a child not raised in a 'church family' is a child who is not raised well? Sad if you think that all church going families raise kids who dont underage drink, have sex or sin. The law is clear- I have been a bartender and you are to check the ID of anyone who looks under the age of 40, plain and simple. I never had a problem asking someone who clearly looked over the age of 30 to show ID. It takes five seconds for them to pull it out. We also had a small tool (given to us by the local cops) that we used to see if NY ID was real. We did not accept out of state ID unless they also had a credit card or something verifying the name, since many use out of state IDs as fake ones since they cant be scanned. As a bartender I knew that the law said if I overserved someone and they got behind the wheel I could be hold accountable. That is why you either cut someone off or take the keys and call a cab. You are putting lives on the line and it needs to be taken seriously!


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