Police: Bear Sightings in New Castle

Black bears spotted in Chappaqua and Millwood areas.

New Castle Police sent out an advisory message Friday evening to let the public know that multiple black bear sightings have been reported in town. Below is the message, including advice on how to deal with bears:

Black bear sightings have been reported around Route 100, Gedney Park, Douglas Road area and most recently on Quaker Rd near the Duck Pond. The NY Department of Environmental Conservation advises that bears will only be encouraged to leave the area if the bear creates a public disturbance, acts aggressively towards a human or pet, attempts to enter a home, or is injured and cannot move freely to escape.

If the bear creates any problem New Castle Police will respond and if necessary the NYDEC. Otherwise the black bear is natural to the area and residents should take precautions to avoid contact. Here are some suggestions from NYDEC:


2. GARBAGE: Clean up areas around garbage cans and do not put garbage outside over night. Put garbage out only on pickup days.

3. BIRD FEEDERS: Nuisance bear problems are usually a temporary situation in early spring. Bird feeders do attract bears and are often torn down. Take down or clean up all bird feeders (including humming bird feeders) for several weeks after a bear visit.

4. PET FOOD: Feed pets in the house if possible and clean up all left over food.

5. GRILLS: Outdoor grills will attract bears. If you have had a bear problem you should stop cooking outside on your grill, clean it up, and store it in a bear proof area for a couple of weeks.

6. COMPOST PILES: Bears are attracted to all types of garbage. Stop adding refuse to your compost pile and if it is located close to your house you should move it as far away as possible.

7. OTHER: Bears have an extraordinary sense of smell. If you store pet food, fish food, or any other items that might appeal to a bear’s sense of smell under an open shed or in a wooden shed you should remove it to a secure location.

Su Ru June 09, 2012 at 02:59 PM
QUESTION: are these stock photos or actual photos from the alleged bear sightings/
Tom Auchterlonie June 09, 2012 at 03:57 PM
First one that came with this story is a stock photo. The other was sent to us by a local reader.


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