Police: Owner Targeted in Home Invasion

Police say they have reason to believe the homeowner, Leonardo Lebrun, was targeted on Saturday night.

An Saturday night was targeted, Bedford police said today.

"Based on the evidence, we have reason to believe this home was targeted this time, by this intruder and other homeowners in the area should have nothing to fear from this individual," said Police Chief William Hayes.

The intruder—dressed in black and masked—approached the home from a wooded area adjacent to the property, and encountered Leonardo LeBrun, the owner of the 20-acre property, smoking outside in his driveway. The intruder took Lebrun's wallet and tied him up in his garage, Hayes said at a Monday afternoon press conference .

At approximately 9:41 p.m. on May 5, Bedford police responded to a panic alarm call from the residence and shortly after received a 911 call from Lara Lebrun, Leonardo's wife, who reported an armed intruder in the home where she, her three children and housekeeper were located.

Police maintained telephone contact with Lebrun while the Westchester County Special Response Team assembled around the perimeter of the home.

Lara Lebrun told police she was locked in an upstairs bedroom with one of her children on the second floor. The other Lebrun children were also on the second floor and the housekeeper was on a lower level. When police arrived, they determined the intruder had left the property. Nothing was apparently stolen aside from Leonardo Lebrun's wallet and an undetermined amount of cash.

Both the housekeeper and Lara Lebrun were taken to the hospital for treatment. Lebrun sustained a minor injury to her abdomen from the struggle she had with the intruder and a discharge of what police believe to be a BB or handgun. The housekeeper was treated and released and she and the family returned to the home after the police had finished processing the scene, Hayes said.

At this time police said they do not believe the invasion is connected to at the same property. The barn—destroyed by the fire—was an old structure with no electricity, said Hayes. There were no horses in the barn at the time of the fire.

Police are staying in constant contact with the family to help maintain their safety, said Hayes.

Police also do not believe this incident to be connected in any way to a in Katonah in December 2011.

"Certainly this is alarming—anytime anyone's home is invaded by an outsider is an alarming experience," said Hayes. He said they investigation was active and said although he could not release additional information that might compromise the quality of the investigation, they would continue to update the public when possible.


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