Ossining Car Purchase Scam

The Village of Ossining Police Department is investigating an online car buying scam.

The Ossining is investigating an automobile purchasing scam that involved a village resident. Investigators say that the man was attempting to buy a 1961 Impala off of the Auto Trader website when he was scammed. The person, who claimed they were selling the Impala, told the Ossining man to setup a Google Wallet account and then wire the money to him. After wiring the money on August 30, the Ossining man was told that the car would be shipped to him. The Ossining man then tried to get a hold of the seller after wiring the money, but the seller did not reply back. 

After trying to get a hold of the seller regarding shipping information, the Ossining man noticed that the car he had supposedly purchased was still listed for sale on the Auto Trader website. He then contacted Google Wallet about the transaction. Google Wallet told the Ossining man that they don't even accept wire transfers.

Also on August 30, Ossining Police investigated another car-related incident. A State Street resident told them that his 2009 Chrysler 300 was vandalized. The Ossining resident says that someone poured some type of sticky substance into his car's gas tank. The man says that he thinks that the substance caused mechanical problems with his car. The incident may have happened sometime between August 21 and 23.


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