Jogger Brutally Attacked & Robbed on Aqueduct Trail

While he was on the ground, the victim was punched and kicked him in head and face, according to police.

Yonkers police arrested two Graham school residents who are accused of attacking and robbing a jogger on the Old Croton Aqueduct Wednesday, according to a police statement.

In addition to the victim being injured, three police officers were injured during a chase and one of the teens charged in the incident was also injured.

The victim said he was wearing headphones and running north on the Aqueduct between Arthur Place and Odell Avenue at around 7 p.m. when he saw two males walking south on the path.

The victim told police that as he approached the pair, they separated and ran past him. He continued that — a few moments later — he was struck from behind and fell to the ground. While he was on the ground, the victim was punched and kicked him in head and face, according to police. 

An “Android” phone worn on the victim’s arm, about $50 cash, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter were stolen.

After an investigation and a chase, police arrested :

  • Graham School resident Leon Lucas, 16, accused of first-degree robbery, a felony, second-degree assault, criminal possession of stolen property, and resisting Arrest. 
  • Joshua Kesney, 17, also a Graham School resident, was charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree assault and resisting arrest.

After the attack, the victim ran home to call police as the attackers ran off.

Police said an initial search was conducted by Yonkers officers who were accompanied by the victim, with a family member of the victim attempting to track the stolen phone via GPS. Other police officers were also alerted to the description of the attackers.

Police determined through GPS that the phone taken in the robbery was possibly in the area of David Lane. Police said they spotted three males, two of whom fit the descriptions of the robbery suspects, on the campus of the Graham School.

As the officers approached the males, all three fled westbound toward a heavily wooded area. Police searched the area of the Greystone Metro North Train Station, with MTA police arranging to have power to the tracks in the area cut off as a precaution

Hastings police also assisted in the search.

Police said the teens ran onto the tracks at one point and they were arrested in the rear of the Riverview Catering Hall at 1 Warburton Ave. The cigarettes and lighter belonging to the victim were recovered, according to police.

A third teen who was stopped by police in the chase was released.

Three police officers were injured during this pursuit and arrest, two were placed off duty. The third officer was treated and remained on duty.

One of the arrested teens was treated and released for a shoulder injury at a local hospital. The victim was treated for a severe swelling to his head and he was subsequently released from the hospital.

Both Lucas and Kesney were transported to the Yonkers City Jail and held overnight. They were arraigned in Yonkers Criminal Court Wednesday. 


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