Fire Crews Contain Harriman Park Fire

As of 3 p.m. Tuesday a brush fire that consumed 300 acres of the State Park has been contained.

Update on from the New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Office: A secure containment line is established around a 450-500-acre brush fire at the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area of Harriman State Park early Tuesday afternoon. Fire crews continue to burn off natural fuel within the containment area and extinguish hotspots. Emergency personnel will continue to monitor the area through the remainder of the day and night.

State Park fire crews were notified of the fire at 1:15 p.m. Monday. Initially, about 5 acres were burning, but high winds and dry conditions allowed the fired to spread quickly. Personnel worked through the night to fight the fire.

The fire is in a mountainous area and no buildings have been threatened. No injuries have been reported.

Personnel on the scene include:

State Park Forest Rangers

DEC State Forest Rangers

DEC Volunteers

The Nature Conservancy Group

Americorp Volunteers

Palisades Region Maintenance Fire Crews

Taconic Region Maintenance Fire Crews

The American Red Cross is assisting with food and beverages for the fire crews.

Due to dry weather conditions, the risk of brushfires remains high. Below are tips to diminish the risk of causing wildfires in State Parks.

Wildland Fire Safety Tips

  • Know your Park regulations on outdoor burning.
  • Refrain from smoking outdoors, carefully extinguish cigarette in mineral soil.
  • Don’t park vehicle on dry grass
  • At first sign of wildfire leave area immediately by established trails or roads.  Contact Park Police or 911 as soon as possible.
  • Never take burning material out of fire.
  • Keep camp stoves and lanterns away from combustible material.
  • Store flammable liquid containers in safe place.
  • Never use stove or lanterns in tent.

Camp Fire Safety

  • Obey park and local laws and regulations.           
  • Use Fuel Stove instead of wood fire.
  • If you must burn wood, burn in constructed protected area to reduce fire spread.
  • Do not leave fire unattended.
  • Beware of weather conditions that may cause fire spread.
  • Refrain from building fire on organic material.
  • Keep flammable objects away from fire.
  • Have firefighting tools available.
  • Carefully dispose of Hot Charcoal.           
  • Drown all fires with water to complete extinguishment.           
  • Carefully extinguish all smoking material.

If you spot a forest fire, remain calm, go to the nearest telephone and contact Park Police or dial 911 to report the fire as quickly as possible to your local Ranger or fire department. Calmly tell the emergency dispatcher when you saw it and where you saw it. Stay on the telephone until the dispatcher tells you to hang up.


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