Croton River Drowning Victim Identified

A task force will review the use of the Croton River tonight.

The Westchester County Medical Examiner's Office is releasing the identity of the man who drowned in the Croton River last night. The victim is being identified as 40-year-old Carlos Cholco of the Bronx. 

Cholco apparently drowned while swimming with his family near the Ossining-Cortlandt border. The family parked on Quaker Bridge Road, then walked through the woods to the Croton River shore where they began swimming. 

After hearing someone yelling for help in the River, off-duty Officer Evan Murtaugh and a friend swam from the Croton side of the river to the man around 8 p.m. yesterday.

"They pulled the victim from the water onto the Cortlandt side and they conducted CPR on him until they were relieved by EMS personnel," said Croton Police Chief Anthony Tramaglini.

Back in August, amid Hurricane Irene.

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"Many times there are a dozen or more cars parked on Quaker Bridge Road, when there is only room for about two or three cars," said Croton-on-Hudson Mayor Leo Wiegman. "People are coming by taxi and being dropped off and hiking down into the steep gorge."

Mayor Wiegman says that two meetings are coincidentally being held today regarding the Croton River. This morning, Croton officials are meeting with Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, Cortlandt, Ossining and Department of Environmental Conservation officials to discuss how the land, where the drowning happened, is being used. The land is run by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, which allows for campfires and other activities.

Mayor Wiegman says a newly assembled Croton River task force will also be meeting for the first time today.

"The task force will review what the DEC tells us this morning," said Wiegman. "Obviously the topic of conversation will be this drowning. There's been about one drowning a year for the past number of years."

To watch the video report on the drowning .

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eric July 27, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Hey I have a stronger point to be made. Most if not all of the drownings in the past number of years - only speaking about swimmers not the rafters- the majority have been out if town Hispanics. I can draw a Simple conclusion people do not even understand what they are swimming in, also there are no posted signs in Spanish, then again legally I do not believe anyone is responsible for supplying them. I grow up on the croton river I have been swimming in the water for half my life. One thing I know is people are ignorant. The croton river is made by... A waterfall it doesn't take a scientist to think tank the amount of power that is behind that river. If it has rained in the last 24 to 48 hours I wouldn't even think of going into that river north of Van Cortlandt Manor. But I see cars pulling up to trails parking spots as the clouds are moving in. And these cliffs that are along the river. My joy of growing up was jumping off them. Why the hell people have to come and start doing flips off them into waters they never swam in that's ignorance.


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