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Barking Dog, Injured Coyote, Strolling Deer: Croton Police Blotter

Here are some of the incidents to which the Croton Police responded recently.

Feb. 19: 2:08 p.m. Police called to the scene of a 2-car accident in the parking lot of Croton Commons found one of the cars involved had a registration suspended for parking violations out of New York City. Police charged and released the driver, a Croton resident, with a future court date.

Feb. 19: 9:46 p.m.—A caller reported a small brown dog had been on his property, barking, for the past nine minutes. Police spoke with the dog's owner who got the dog off the neighbor's property.

Feb. 18: 5:08 p.m.—A caller reported a deer walking on Route 9 north of the village. Police found several deer grazing on the hillside. 

Feb. 16: 12:52 p.m. A caller reported an injured coyote in King Street. Police found paw prints but did not locate the animal. 

Feb. 15: 10:39 p.m.—Callers reported about 20 people hanging out behind the district offices at Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School. When police arrived, several of the people ran away. Police interviewed others and advised them against trespassing. Police did not find any evidence of alcoholic consumption at the scene; however, they picked up bottles on the trail of those who fled.

Feb. 15: 5:36 p.m.—A woman driving in the parking lot at ShopRite hit two other cars. Police responded and took a report.

Feb. 14: 12:34 p.m.—Two cars in the Veterans Plaza parking lot at the Metro North train slid out of their spots due to icy conditions. Their owners were notified and moved the vehicles. 


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