'Cop' Who Stopped Car on 9A Could Be Fake: County Police Investigate

Police ask residents to be on the lookout for a man driving a blue Crown Victoria and identifying himself as an officer.

Westchester County Police who suspect someone masqueraded as a police officer are asking residents to be on the lookout.

Lt. Nick Alongi said recently a woman was stopped on Route 9A in Ossining. She was pulled over by a blue Crown Victoria-looking car with blue lights. 

"The supposed “officer” identified himself as an “Officer Figueroa” and had a police-type looking shield which he displayed, Alongi said.

The suspect spoke to the woman and her son and searched their car; no harm or threats were made during the encounter.  The suspect told them that they were stopped because their car “matching a description of a wanted vehicle”; they were then sent on their way.

"The incident is under investigation and could have very well been another law enforcement agency; however, we’re asking residents to be on the lookout for anything of this nature," Alongi said. "We would also encourage you, if you feel uncomfortable about a vehicle that’s pulling you over (an unmarked police car that you are unsure about), to call 911 and explain your situation/concern to the dispatcher and we’ll make sure you’re safe."

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