Support rally to save the historic Ossining Boat club

Support Rally
Support Rally
Please show up at 6:30 tomorrow night in front of the Ossining Public library to stop the demolition of the Historic Ossining Boat and Canoe Club.  In my opinion, Sue with single minded determination has made it her goal to demolish this historic club in the face of public opinion.  The only people that seem to want the high end restaurant is Sue and her cronies.  You have to ask yourself why that is?  Who will really benefit from this?  Certainly not the residents of Ossining.  Ultimately the residents of Ossining with pay for Sue's gamble with their tax dollars, regardless of what is said now.  The residents of Ossining seem to enjoy the waterfront just as it is.  The building that the board proposed is a real monstrosity and makes no attempt to fit in with the surrounding architecture of Ossining.  62% of waterfront restaurants fail in the first 3 years, would that be a bet worth putting your tax dollars on?  So please show up in front of the Ossing Library at 6:30pm Tuesday January 21st.  Show Sue we live in a democracy and not a dictatorship.  She is not only destroying a historic 100 year old boat club but a cornerstone of the Ossining waterfront community.  Please don't let them get away with this.  Regardless of what is said, this will become a waterfront that is designed to cater to the wealthy.  Average residents will have a reduced quality of life.  This large restaurant will require a huge parking lot, just like the chart house in Dobbs Ferry.  The sound of waves lapping against will be replaced by the din that accompanies a large restaurant.  Want to access the waterfront with your family?  Good luck when you cant find a parking spot.  The thing that really gets me is this is being done under the guise of "public access" to the waterfront, when in actuality the exact opposite will happen.  Please show up and support OBCC this Tuesday.  Thank you!!!!!!
Meaddows Ryan January 20, 2014 at 11:24 PM
Please note that while the Town Hall meeting is still currently on the Town calendar, OBCC members have decided to postpone the rally due to inclement weather, in the interest of the safety of our supporters. Thank you!


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