Put Away the Digital Cameras, No Kindergarten Graduations This Year

Are Ossining moms missing out?

I live for 'proud mommy' moments. I admit that when there's any event involving my children, it is almost certain that I will be one of the first mothers there, huge grin on my face and digital camera in hand.  (And I confess that I will most likely post the photos on Facebook as soon as I get home.)

So, you’ll understand why I was so disappointed about missing out on a classic proud mommy moment here in Ossining: Kindergarten graduation.

It turns out that Park Early Childhood Center no longer has graduations for its little grads. When I asked someone at the school,  they told me that last year (which was the year my son finished Kindergarten) was the year Park stopped planning their end-of-year ceremonies.  That means my five-year-old daughter doesn't have a Kindergarten graduation to look forward to either.

Trying to understand the school’s decision, I thought ‘Do we really need a graduation for five year olds when our schools need to focus on more important things?’  and ‘Oh, well. Ossining isn’t the only school district that doesn’t offer Kindergarten graduations.’

 But that didn’t stop me from wishing my kids could experience their first-ever graduation, anyway. It would be just another way to make them feel like they have accomplished something as we celebrate them to writing those first words and tackling those first math problems. We’d cheer them on as they move on to the school for ‘big kids.’

 Of course, my kids don’t seem to be the least bit concerned with graduations. They don't even know what a graduation is. They’re busy having fun with end-of-year class events.  My son had a blast at Brookside’s Field Day yesterday, and my daughter is just excited about having ice cream in class as she finishes up Pre-K.  In the end, that's all that really matters - but here’s hoping there will be a graduation ceremony at the end of Elementary School!

Sheet 2 Girl June 16, 2011 at 01:28 PM
Yes, at St. Augustine School in Ossining.
Alejandra Echevarria June 16, 2011 at 02:26 PM
Yes @ Park School, they are having an end of the year celebration/graduation today starting with a picnic @ nelson park and then back to the school for a CONCERT


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