Letter to the Editor: Ossining 2011 Election

The following is a letter to the editor from Croton resident Bob Armanini.

To the editor:

I’m writing in support of Susan Konig, who is running to represent District 9 on Westchester County’s Board of Legislators. This year’s election is extremely crucial if you’re looking to change how the county functions. The status quo, a Democratic super-majority, has solidified Westchester’s position as the highest taxed county in the nation, and engineered the Affordable Housing Settlement with HUD—a settlement that can potentially cost all of us $100 million and leave local governments’ ‘home rule’ rights threatened.

 This past July, Moody’s Investor Services downgraded the County’s bond outlook from ‘stable’ to negative’, largely in part to the Legislature’s super-majority dipping into reserves to restore cuts that Executive Rob Astorino had proposed in his budget.

Two years ago, voters were decisive that a change was needed at the top of county government. Now we have an opportunity to make that change even more meaningful, by breaking the super-majority.

Susan Konig’s agenda is about common sense and change. She stands for fiscal responsibility--no tax increases and living within our means. Susan understands the need for preserving local control of our communities. Susan recognizes that county government’s long-standing reputation as an overreaching, tax & spend entity has to be reversed.

There can no longer be ‘business as usual’. We must insist on a healthier Westchester. Please join me in voting for Susan Konig on Nov. 8. Having Susan on the County Board will give Mr. Astorino the support he needs to achieve the above-mentioned goals, as well as the ability to implement true change.

Bob Armanini



Liam November 07, 2011 at 04:17 PM
Here is proof for John and Mr. Armanini that the Village of Ossining is an ineligible community under HUD settlement straight from the County website. http://homes.westchestergov.com/images/stories/settlementpdfs/AppendixE-1-iii.pdf The Village of Ossining makes up roughly 50% of the total population of District 9 and is being denied much needed Community Development Block Grant money due to Westchester's impasse with HUD. Ms. Konig's unbending position against the HUD settlement HURTS Ossining while benefitting the interests of Bronxville, Larchmont and Rye. John and Mr. Armanini's comments illustrate the mindset of Ms. Konig's inner circle, which is to protect Croton from turning into Ossining at all costs, even if it means Ms. Konig takes positions that directly and negatively impact 50%+ of the District 9 population. If Ossining voters want someone who has never lowered taxes as an elected official, never proposed any legislation to do so, and whose HUD stance will continue to result in loss of much needed Community Development Block Grant monies for the Village of Ossining, then Susan Konig should get your vote. For everyone else, Catherine Borgia is the obvious choice for District 9 County Legislator.
Sheet 2 Girl November 07, 2011 at 04:27 PM
We are the highest taxed county because of school taxes. County taxes are quite low, comparatively speaking. Indeed, most county employees have not had a raise in 8 years, not even cost of living. If you want to lower taxes, start on the school budget. The county tax argument is just a red herring.
john November 07, 2011 at 04:49 PM
Wow, you just don't get it. No matter. Tomorrow you will. Here's more for those who understand how important it is for Astorino to have support on the board of legislators when it comes to HUD's over-reaching. Rest assured that support will NOT come from the ever so silent Ms. Borgia: WSJ Editorial on Astorino’s continued fight against overreaching HUD: 9/19 Dear Friend, As many of you know, when I took office I became responsible for implementing the affordable housing settlement that was agreed to by my predecessor, Andy Spano, and approved by the Westchester Board of Legislators. This agreement was a bad deal for Westchester taxpayers and now the federal government is attempting to make demands that by their own admission “go beyond the four corners of the settlement,” which would dramatically increase the cost of the settlement from $50 million to over $100 million and dismantle local zoning rights. This settlement has national implications because HUD is attempting to use Westchester as a test case for the rest of the country...I thought you might be interested in today’s Wall Street Journal editorial (see below) that effectively outlines the issue and supports my position to defend Westchester against unreasonable and illegal demands by HUD. READ THE REST http://ltpbazzo.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/icymi-wsj-editorial-on-astorinos-continued-fight-against-overreaching-federal-government/
Liam November 07, 2011 at 05:17 PM
John, it is you who simply does not understand that the County Legislator for District 9 must represent the best interests of the entire district, not just a subset of it. I fully recognize and support Mr. Astorino's position that the HUD settlement should not be expanded mid-stream due to the increased cost implications associated with doing so. What you don't seem to get is that Ms. Konig's hardline stance against the HUD settlement will negatively impact the Village of Ossining by continuing to deny them much needed CDBG money in order to protect the interests of her inner circle in Croton, even though the Village of Ossining is not a community required to build any of the 750 units called for in the HUD settlement. Ms. Konig and her supporters have a long history of fear mongering about affordable housing and allowing alleged low income "outsiders" from moving into Croton. They, among many other things were sited for unfair campaign practices in the last election for using pictures of slum tenament housing on their campaign materials. In stark contrast to Ms. Konig's devisiveness, Ms Borgia has demonstrated her ability to compromise to get results. Vote Borgia for District 9 County Legislator.
john November 07, 2011 at 05:59 PM


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