Family is the Secret Ingredient in 65-Year-old Verplanck Restaurant

Verplanck's Paradise Restaurant has been in the family and serving classic Italian meals for decades.

Paradise restaurant started serving classic Italian meals made from family recipes in 1947 and continues in that same tradition today. Despite its location in the off-the-beaten path hamlet of Verplanck (population about 1,000), has managed to continue its successful family-oriented business.

When you ask owner Jerry Margiotta what the secret is behind his successful decades-old business, he will explain that it is all “family.” Jerry says that it has been his family -his father and brother that built the foundation and his wife Lucy and children who now run the restaurant - that have kept the Paradise a known standard for incredible Italian classics.

Margiotta, now 82 years old, and Lucy have been involved with the restaurant ever since it opened in the same spot it occupies today, a humble green wooden building on Broadway in Verplanck. Their son Joe runs the day-to-day affairs now, but the Margiotta’s are still very much involved in their business.

Margiotta takes pride in running his family business and treating his customers as family, just as his father did. “If you have the ability to bring this level of warmth and care to the people that desire your kitchen, then it is our responsibility to perform in a way that is special,” Margiotta said. 

The menu has selections that are crafted and prepared in a daily ritual.  Their thin-curst pizza is a customer favorite. But the restaurant also serves a variety of other dishes. Tomatoes from Italy are prepared and combined with the traditional recipe ingredients to create several sauces used in many different dishes.  The bread is served warm and can leave a table of fallen crumbs (a true sign of freshness) when enjoyed with a signature entrée.

While the owners are careful to provide a family experience and delicious home cooked meals like you would have at your own Nonna’s house, they also focus on value. The food is inexpensive, with appetizers for as low as $5; pasta entrées for about $12 and steak and seafood dishes for about $20. They offer an exceptionally affordable group deal of $25 per person for large parties.

While the dishes of chicken cutlets, fettuccine alfredo and mushroom tortellini are filling. Many customers still leave room for Lucy Margiotta’s classic desserts, like homemade cream puffs, to finish off a meal.

As long as the Margiotta’s keep caring about their family, they will be caring for Paradise and their customers, continuing to provide diners with an affordable destination to indulge themselves.

To view the menu and read more about Paradise Restaurant visit their Patch listing and like them on Facebook.

This article was provided by Joe Brown.

Kathy March 08, 2012 at 01:23 AM
We had a pizza from the Paradise EVERY weekend when I was growing up & I still LOVE their pizza!
Chris McHugh March 08, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Just went to Paradise for the first time last night. The pizza was truly the best that I have had in the Northeast, and it was great talking to Joe and the gang. I love Paradise and I love Verplanck!
john roe May 21, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Teleman May 21, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Pizza has been he same since I was a kid- excellent!!!!!!!!!!!! And well worth it!
John H Donohue May 23, 2012 at 01:37 PM
A place where love and respect has flourished and our community as well as my family have been priviliged to share in it with Jerry and Lucy and all of their family. And it is great Italian food served by a family who have supported the churches,veterans and so many worthy causes in our area. We have known them and love them for all of their contributions to our area since the day they opened the doors and Pop ( Jerry,s dad ) and his mom glowed and were special and taught their family what love of church and this country meant. There is much more than food to take with you after a visit to the Paradise.


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