Why do I have unmannageable thinning hair?

Fighting hair loss. what are the solutions?

   Do you ask yourself why you were given the type of hair that is unmannageable and thinning? I may have the answer why. 

First and foremost it's genetics. I basically started losing hair when I was 25. My dad has a full head of hair. Men usually follow their matriarchal traits and women their patriarchal traits. This is not set in stone, but it is very common. My grandfather on my mothers side lost his hair by 30 years of age.  Besides genetics their are other things that may effect your hair such as medicine's that effect your blood pressure or heart rate. An over active or under active thyroid can effect your hair as well. Stress is another reason why you may be thinning or losing hair.

Whatever the reason, you are probabally asking what to do? There are many products on the market such as topical solutions that improve blood circulation in the scalp. Some of these products are sold in professional hair salons or at your local pharmacy. Usually products that need a prescription have high amounts of alcohol to unclog the hair follicles and stimulate them to grow. The problem with these solutions is that once you stop using them, the hair most likely will fall out again. There are topical solutions on the market such as a product called Nioxin that promotes a healthier scalp by using a three step process.

Nioxin shampoo and conditioner contain mint , therefore when shampooing and conditioning the scalp you are to massage the scalp. The minty action along with the scalp massage promotes better blood circulation. Third product is a liquid that you spray onto the scalp twice a day to your thinning areas. This third product is a vasodialater ( a liquid that relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels allowing the blood to surface and better circulate) . This nioxin product advertises that their product is to stop your hair from thinning more and maintain what you have. Nioxin promotes healthy scalp. They do not claim that their product grows hair (although it has been known to grow hair). This is a great product to stop hair from thinning. A one month supply costs about $40.00

Hair transplants, hair extensions and wigs are other options to thinning hair.Whatever your situation may be, there are many solutions. First you should try to figure out the root of the problem. Sorry Guys but in most cases its genetics! It took me about a year before I accepted the cards I was dealt and decided to buzz my hair short!  This is okay for us guys but for the girls it is not so easy.  Consult with your doctor, hair stylist and allergist to see what may be causing you to lose hair. 

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J Philip Faranda March 19, 2012 at 11:56 AM
Joe, I've heard it put a different way: God only made a few perfect heads. The rest he had to cover with hair. :)
Joe Tucci March 19, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Yes Phil that's correct! Another tip is "Never purchase hair tonic from a bald man! :-)


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