Ossining's Mayor to Tie the Knot This Weekend

Ossining's mayor's marriage ceremony will take place in the volunteer-spirited town on Sunday.

The Honorable Bill Hanauer, mayor of the Village of Ossining, will tie the knot on Sunday. His Honor is getting married to Princeton Professor Dr. Alan Stahl. The wedding is set to take place in Ossining's Sparta Park at noon. First Presbyterian Church of Ossining Pastor Lynda Clements will preside over the ceremony.

Hanauer has been the mayor of the Village of Ossining for three-terms. He will be running for re-election in November. Before entering the political arena, Hanauer was employed in the entertainment industry, working for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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Dr. Stahl is currently the curator of Numismatics at Princeton University. He is also a lecturer in the university's art & archaeology department. Stahl is also the president of Ossining's Jug Tavern of Sparta.

Stay tuned to Patch for coverage of the wedding on Sunday.

Janis Castaldi June 01, 2012 at 09:46 PM
As much as I know there is not a single person who wants to look at this marriage head on I know what you are thinking, as I am thinking the same thing. This is a political ploy, one that puts a stain on gay marriage. Why do this and smear your names freely over the press. One reason. Votes. I remember sitting at a democratic luncheon where the Mayor said dead on, "I will not get married" He also asked Lizz and I to be the first in Ossining, However, we chose to go to connecticut when New York accepted gay marriage. The press were not there, even at the time I was deputy Mayor. Zero press realeases went out and yet the NY Times somehow picked up the story. This is just another way Bill can be theatrical as he has been as Mayor for six years. This does not bode well for a community that truly wanted the same rights as others. Why now Bill? Why not before. I do want to say that I believe Alan is marrying for the right reasons. To bad youy have such to have such drama and an election to muddy what should be a beautiful thing
J Philip Faranda June 02, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Mazel Tov! Congratulations! Mayor Hanauer and Dr. Stahl deserve every happiness.
J Philip Faranda June 02, 2012 at 12:42 PM
WOW, Ms. Castaldi, imagine that. A man saying he'd never wed ends up marrying. Who would ever think that? As they say about other weddings, unless you object to the union, speak now or forever hold your peace. Consider the latter.
Chris Clement June 13, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Castaldi is right. What I don't understand is how this union made headlines for many days but found nothing on any gay/lesbian website. mayor's using his position to the best of his ability to get his name out in the public. . May 31, 2012, DailyVoice, Ossining’s Openly Gay Mayor Hanauer to Wed Sunday .May 31, 2012, lohud, Ossining is cordially invited to celebrate .June 1, 2012, OssiningPatch, Ossining's Mayor to Tie the Knot This Weekend .June 1, 2012, Newsday, Ossining Mayor William Hanauer will wed .June 1, 2012 PleasantvillePatch, Ossining's Mayor to Tie the Knot .June 1, 2012, Topix .June 1, 2012, Wall Street Journal, Wedding set for NY village mayor .June 1, 2012, therepublic, Ohio, Mayor of NY village of Ossining to wed .June 1, 2012, News12 Westchester .June 2, 2012, lohud, Ossining mayor, partner will wed on Sunday .June 3, 2012, World News .June 3, 2012, OssiningPatch, Ossinig's Mayor Gets Married .June 3, 2012, New York Times, William Hanauer, Alan Stahl, Weddings .June 3, 2012, lohud, Ossining Mayor weds Partner .June 3, 2012, Newsday, Ossining Mayor William Hanau weds longtime partner, "Westchester County's only openly gay mayor tied the knot " .June 4, 2012, OssiningPatch, Ossining's Mayor Gets Married .June 5, 2012, examinernews, Ossining Mayor Maries in Historic Ceremony
J Philip Faranda June 13, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Seems pretty normal to me. The local media picked up the same story and gave it a blurb. I fail to see how this factors into politics.


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