Photographer and Movie Buff Uses Humor to Find Homes for Kittens

Photographer Wendy Robbins has a unique approach to find forever homes for these little fur balls. Locally, there are a number of shelter pets waiting for their new homes too!

Photo credit: Wendy Robbins, Crosswind Studio.
Photo credit: Wendy Robbins, Crosswind Studio.
A very creative photographer is using her love of cats and movies in her photography as a way to get her kittens adopted. 

Wendy Robbins, owner of Crosswind Studio in Texas, dresses up the young felines in outfits from popular movies and television shows and photographs them in settings from the hit movies. Robbins, who describes herself as "a crazy cat lady," uploads the pictures to her Facebook page, along with information about the cats, and clever quotes from some of her favorite movies and shows.  

Here's a few examples:

From Star Wars: "Leia is a gorgeous tri-color tabby calico. She never stops with the cute expressions. This sweet girl has the cutest little tiny bobtail."

From The Wizard of Oz: "Dorothy happily frolics in the field of poppies in her pretty dress. In real life Dorothy is really a sweet marmalade tabby boy!" 

From The Hobbit: "While Frodo loves his life in the shire, he is all set for adventures beyond his Hobbit hole! Frodo is very vocal and has a beautiful tortoiseshell coat."

From Game of Thrones: "Jon Snow (really a girl) is a super sweet kitty with a soft, sleek, grey coat. This special kitty was born with just one eye but it doesn't slow her down at all!"

From Dr. Who: "The Doctor is actually a beautiful tabby calico girl. She is very loving and also has a cute little short crooked tail!"

From Dr. Who: "I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams."

From Game of Thrones: "I am the watcher on the walls."

From Game of Thrones : "The Khaleesi is a gorgeous girl with stunning blue eyes. She loves playing and curling up for naps on a soft pillow."

Robbins said she volunteers at local shelters but that these particular kittens in the photographs are offspring from cats she personally owns. While these cute kittens are located in Texas, there are many local cats and dogs who are also looking for their forever homes right here in the New York area. Contact your nearest animal shelter for more information.

In Rockland:

In Westchester:

To find a shelter in your area not listed above, please visit ASPCA.org.

For more information about Wendy Robbins or  Crosswind Studio, click here.


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