Flowers Fly on Valentine's Day

Waited till the last minute? There's still time but don't delay.

"We'll always have something," says Frank Orts, president of Rubrum's Florist, on the run with some roses at the store on South Highland Avenue in Ossining.

But it would be good to call ahead—914-941-1802.

"If you come back at 7 o'clock it'll all be gone," he said, with a sweep of his arm toward the shelves and tables stacked with bouquets large and small.

Valentine's Day is a rather compressed holiday. Customers are really only buying on the 13th and 14th—but the staff is working overtime for a week before that. 

"We'll always have something," he said. "But if they could just call two days ahead of time it would make life so much easier!"


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