Croton Collaborative Artwork

Patrons at Croton's Grouchy Gabe's were part of creating a new collaborative mural.

There's some interesting artwork on display inside Grouchy Gabe's these days. Croton-on-Hudson artist Erin Koch has put together three collaborative, community murals inside the restaurant. To create the pieces, she placed a box next to the restaurant's cash register. Patrons were asked to write what was on their mind and then place the piece of paper, with their idea on it, into the box. Koch took the ideas on paper and translated them into the three separate murals, which have been placed together.

Some of the scenes and images in the mural include marriage equality, yoga and even the Pittsburgh Steelers football team.

"The common response when they walk in and see the artwork is 'What the heck is this?' said Grouchy Gabe's Grill Owner Gabe Boivin. "But when you explain it to them, that the ideas were all written by the customers, then they get it."

Koch works as an event planner for the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY. She says her artwork is greatly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Koch even takes part in local dharma art projects with other Buddhist artists.

In the near future, Koch plans on adding a fourth panel to her mural at Grouchy Gabe's.

Tricia Barrett July 25, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Erin is an amazing artist. I have watched her work evolve over two decades and it continues to intrigue and inspire. Nicely done, Erin!
Jim Plunkett July 28, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Unreal! A natural.


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