At the Reef Transforms to Table 9

A 40-year-old area favorite is getting a new look and a new name.

After 40 years of success with he surf and turf staple’s owners are giving it a new look and a new name. The new restaurant will be called Table 9 and will feature a more diverse and expanded menu and a totally new look – new furniture, lightings, design and exterior, designed by The Jackson Creative Group from Rhode Island.

“We will have diverse salads, and you will still be able to get a steak,” said owner Demetri Vourliotis, to give an idea of the range of offerings at Table 9. Vourliotis purposefully kept his descriptions vague so as not to ruin the surprise when they reopen.

Vourliotis is the second generation owner and the family celebrated the restaurant’s 40th anniversary in January. His and his uncles’ daughters have just graduated from college and want to be in the restaurant business too.

“As our third generation gets involved we figured we’d do it up and give it a whole new fresh look,” Vourliotis said.

“For 40 years to be same type of restaurant is almost unheard of today. It ran its course and we figured it’s time.”

Vourliotis expects Table 9 to open in mid-April or early May and looks forward to welcoming back his customers.

The family also owns the in Buchanan and Pastels Diner in Peekskill, also community favorites.

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hello:) July 24, 2012 at 01:05 AM
I went to Table 9 for a birthday and had amazing food, great calamari, awesome ahi tuna, but the service didn't cut it by a long shot, the plates from the entrees remained on the table until the runner brought out our desserts ,which were absolutely delicious, by the way, at which point we had to ask him to take some of the plates with him back to the kitchen. The manager wasn't any better, she couldn't even carry a cup of coffee. The staff either needs to be trained or replaced.
Helen levin August 02, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Don't waste your money. The food is awful,tastes like microwaved. I ordered chicken Marsala, they chicken was cut up scraps ( tasted boiled) over , over cooked pasta. I took one bite and that was all. I brought it home for the wildlife they also rejected it. They renovated the wrong thing instead of spending so much on all the 9s should have gotten quality food!!
Joan Weise August 03, 2012 at 07:55 PM
we were regulars on Friday nights and loved it there. Having tried Table 9, we now have a different opinion entirely. The food is bland and tasteless, the menu seems so much more limited. The service was not much to rave about. The glassware, including those for wine, were grey and cloudy looking with water spots all over them. NOT acceptable! Please go back to the Old Reef and make a lot of people happy again; we certainly miss going there.
Danny C August 08, 2012 at 03:55 PM
I agree w/ working out the quirks when opening an establishment, at this point it shoudl be smooth sailing. I agree w/ some of the coments. Some of the food was bland. I did enjoy a salad there, which was big enough to share amongst a table of four. I had a descent server, nothing to brag about nor complain about. I wish them luck. I think they do in fact try to hire young girls for their looks rather than any age for their brains or experience. Too bad they can't find some eye candy that come with experience and performs up to par of the standards needed. I would likely go back, would likely not reccomend as a must try, or pick as a place to dine if it were up to me.
mk August 14, 2012 at 12:05 AM
I have been to Table 9 on five occasions and have never been disappointed. The selections are numerous, covering tastes for everyone! The portions are generous and the staff are more than helpful. You don't need a salad to make a good restaurant, where everyone spills all the food all over the place anyway.


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