John Waters Wishes You a Merry, Scary Holiday

John Waters, opened by singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson, delivered his rapid-fire, oddball version of a Christmas show at the Tarrytown Music Hall Monday night.

Famous misfits Kimya Dawson and John Waters paired up on Monday night for a truly unique—adults only—Christmas show at the Tarrytown Music Hall. 

First up was Dawson, who spent her childhood in Bedford Hills ("go Foxes," she said in a reluctant nod to her hometown mascot and their color red she was wearing). She sat and strummed with her quick-tongued lyrics songs both for old-soul children and creative adults, always with a good message: be who you are. 

Then, the man who is very much himself: the straight-line mustached John Waters appeared in a splendid red velvet suit (Miyake, he said), and didn't take a breath until an hour-and-a-half later when he stopped his rapid-fire storytelling...only to answer some audience Q&A. 

The notorious filmmaker isn't for everyone, neither is his show, which is as raunchy as you'd expect and unexpected in all the other ways. The audience approved, laughing every few seconds throughout, with one member even trying to present him with a taxidermy Christmas mouse. Right up his alley but he told her to ship it to him since he'd be on the road for a while.

Finally, after brainstorming up ideas for his own oddball version of a Christmas funhouse, Waters bid us all adieu, ending this stop of his annual show and his first time here in Tarrytown with: "have a merry, scary Christmas."

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