Croton Students Shine at School Art Show

Croton-Harmon District-Wide Art Show gives students the opportunity to display their artistic abilities.

The gymnasium came to life with colorful student artwork during Croton-Harmon’s District-Wide Art Show. The show featured student work from , and Croton-Harmon High School.

The impressive show highlighted the best art projects from every grade, in an amazing array of mediums from the paint and construction paper of the kindergartener’s snow man paintings to the skillfully woven baskets and striking photographs of the high school art classes.

“I love it,” said Molly Greece, an elementary school parent and art therapist. “I feel it’s great…it’s cool all the ages are all in one spot.”

Superintendent Ed Fuhrman agreed. “We value the arts and you can really see the progression of student development. We are proud of the arts program. We have a K-12 program that makes connections to the other disciplines.”

The connections were apparent when walking through the exhibit as visitors were treated to projects that had a strong global feel both in culture and medium. Such as, the Indonesian Shadow Puppets that were set up in one corner of the gymnasium and the African baskets set up across the room.

One of the most striking elements of the art show was the giant totem pole that stood by the front door, greeting visitors to the show. “The totem pole is my favorite,” Greece said.

It was refreshing to see a vibrant school art program during a time when most schools are cutting back on their art programs. This was the result of the district’s hardworking art teachers.

“We have outstanding art teachers who really give them [the kids] a great experience,” Dr. Fuhrman said. “

Teachers however, credit the students for the both amazing results on display and the growing art program.

“We have a really strong group. They [the students] really push themselves and others,” said High School Art Teacher Jodi Burger. “Our art program has grown. The Advanced Placement class had only three or four kids in 2003 and now there is 12, and next year 14.”

The growth in the program has been noticed and appreciated by parents. “The art program has been great,” said Karen Noreika, mother of budding fashion designer, and 12th grader Chantal Noreika, whose work was featured in the May 17-19 show. “It’s been a really good experience for her…we home schooled her before these last two years and it’s been a great experience.”    


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