Peekskill Perception: Get Real

Survey this: Take it from one who works nights there, Peekskill is both safe and fun.

Peekskill needs more boutique shops. Peekskill needs more 35-and-up consumers to feed its economy. Peekskill as a destination for out-of-towners is undermined by a persistent perception it is not safe enough.

Those are top-line highlights of a year-long survey commissioned by the City of Peekskill with taxpayer dollars: "Peekskill Downtown Retail Recruitment Study." The goal was to solicit ideas for commercial development on the waterfront and downtown.

Conducted by Larisa Ortiz Associates, the survey’s results are derived from 1,711 respondents, about 60% of whom said they live in Peekskill. 

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peekskillman May 14, 2012 at 05:54 PM
agree Mr. Bazzo; although I think that the downtown is "safe", all the hangers-on/day laborers give the area a bad look. It is one thing to sit and enjoy lunch or coffee on one of the benches or gazebo, yet another to sit aroound all day, make cat calls and generally be a nuiscance presence. Let the police dept do their job and make these types of people move on. In my day, it was called loitering, and the beat cop used to shoo you along; if you got loud or resisted, a trip to the pd for a talking to was in order. this is just one of the things that needs to be addressed to allow our downtown to flourish further Perhaps we should go back to that mentality
linda carpentieri May 14, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Are you kidding me? The drug busts alone are a major problem here in Peekskill. We are constantly calling the police to our condo complex for drugs deals going on in our parking lots. The owners feel unsafe on their own property. The police do nothing- no trespassing or drug summons issued. We are held hostage by our own mortages and lack of police duties. Linda Carpentieri
John Finnigan May 15, 2012 at 01:07 AM
Linda, Where is this condo complex? Does your condo complex have a Home Owners Association? You can talk with the Police for guidance, maybe post no tresspassing signs with intents of arrest for lottering and illegal activities. Serveillance camera's are a good way to go if you're a private complex. Don't ever give in to the streets dirt, sweep it up and throw it were it belongs, in the trash...
jo May 15, 2012 at 12:14 PM
No Pawn Shop..talk about negative perceptions..
jo May 22, 2012 at 01:43 PM
me thinks its time to get out of "Dodge".. all these drug busts and talk of low grade type of businesses are making me nervous.. whatch the property values really take a downturn


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