Gonna Cry ... Six Tiers

Elected officials should be more concerned about you and all their constituents than about those who lead unions, political parties or legislatures.

When it comes to New York State’s public sector unions, everybody lies: the governor, the unions, the legislature, the media. They lie because it works. It works because residents of New York cannot accept government is not only at economic war with you, but you are held in contempt because you vote party line no matter what. Governor Cuomo successfully pushed for a new "" pension plan that just passed and requires higher retirement age and larger health and pension contributions, but applies only to new hires, not current union members. The lie is his claiming this will save the state $113 billion over 30 years. Like all budgets, this year's budget only affects this year's money. Nothing in the future is carved in stone and can change at the whim of future governors and legislatures. This is what happened to Tiers II though V. 

As every election season arrives, the legislature and governors pad tiers to get union support and then stick you with the tab. This will repeat with "Tier VI" in the future if history is any guide: There will be no actual savings.

Another lie is perpetrated by public unions’ leadership in their advertising. They claim current hires are affected. Not true! Only future hires and even that is not a certainty. Those ads are not only lying to you but, adding insult to injury, it’s your money paying for them.

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Bob Ogden March 21, 2012 at 08:36 PM
What is wrong with you people. No matter what you think, the civil servants you so ademently hate were gainfully employed and did exactly what you would do. They sought to negotiate the best deal they could get. You all call yourselves captalists but when it doesn't go exactly your way you call it theft or rape or whatever. When was the last time you turned a raise down because you wanted to give it to someone else or save your employer money or donate it to the government?. Get real. If the system isn't working then change it but hating these people is just sick.
John Q. Public March 21, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Mr Odgen -- to call public employees "capitalists" is a stretch. Read Michael Lewis' "Boomerang" before you claim to know anything about Greece's public employees, who are as lazy and unjustly overpaid as American public workers. Your point is, we screwed everyone else so it's okay. My point is, so long as it's my taxes supporting people, there is no gravy train for the lazy. You and Jeff think you are entitled to a gravy train the rest of us pay for. It's that simple. Post till Sunday denouncing this basic fact. You have no moral ground on which to say you are entitled to a better living the than hard-working people who pay taxes to support you. Yes, you will say, but politicians said they would grant you this gratuitous benefit. My point exactly. They and you must be put out of office. Reality bites and we can't afford such largesse any longer.
jeff meyer March 22, 2012 at 12:08 AM
JQP, your hatred for public employees is distorting your reality. I am entitled to nothing. Please don't speak for me. I don't even know who you are since you chose the anonymous route. I am entitled to nothing. I have worked for everything I achieved. If being a police officer and riding the "GRAVY TRAIN" is so attractive to you then why did you not become a police officer. If your reality bites then look in the mirror and reevaluate the decisions you made in your life. You talk of "MORAL GROUND". What the heck are you talking about? Public employees perform a job. If you need a police officer to you call one JQP? If you need a fire fighter do you call 911? These men and woman that serve the public are performing a necessary job. Would you prefer a society without public employees? I am sorry that your life "bites" as you so decently state it. Blaming others and making baseless comments about public employees won't resolve any of your issues. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe, NY
Just ask March 22, 2012 at 03:31 AM
Jeff I wanted to rebuff on Mr Public's comment, but you did a fabulous job. He will never understand what public servants do for him everday, until we are desperately needed for his service. I think you should be badgering the banks and all the greed on wall st that caused the financial crisis, and not the public servants that risk their life everyday.
Bob Ogden March 22, 2012 at 12:17 PM
JQP, If being a public employee is such a gravy train, what is it that you do for a living. Share with us please because I'd love the insight from someone who is as hard working and heroic as you.


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