Homebirth midwives now in Croton!

Journey to Birth Midwifery
Journey to Birth Midwifery
Midwives Cathy Gallagher and Susan Schmidt are now offering a unique experience for those seeking natural childbirth, and their office is located right here in Croton!  Journey to Birth Midwifery is located on the second floor of the Ajna Wellness Center. 

It is essential that pregnant women and their partners feel comfortable with the midwives taking care of them. Cathy and Susan meet with all pregnant couples to ensure that they are all the right “fit”.  This free consultation is an hour long which allows for plenty of time to discuss all options and answer questions. 

The 45 minute to one hour long prenatal visits include the traditional weight, blood pressure, urine dip and belly check as well as in depth conversations on maximizing your pregnancy health and well being as well as preparing and knowing all your options for birth and parenting. Labwork is drawn in the office. Referrals to specialists including ultrasound imaging are given when indicated.

For most low-risk women, planned homebirth, with licensed professionals, is a safe rewarding experience. Your body--the only “home” your baby has ever known--is accustomed to the settings, rhythms, and atmosphere in your home. This is also true for your baby. Homebirth fosters an abundantly personal event that is transformative for you, your family and all the people who are involved. 

Beside homebirth care, Journey to Birth Midwifery offers holistic well-women care for women of all ages - from the first GYN visit of a teenager to working with women who are having menopausal issues.

Homebirth midwives now right in Westchester!  What a great option for so many families!

Please visit their website for more information - www.JourneytoBirthMidwifery.com
Krista Madsen January 22, 2014 at 09:05 AM
Congrats, this is great! Mothers - have you considered, or had, a homebirth? Share here.


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