Google and Maker expand summer camp for kids

School’s over and keeping Ossining kids engaged in learning can be hard, but it’s extremely important. Research spanning 100 years reveals that kids experience learning loss when they do not participate in educational activities during the summer.

However, instead of simply reading a textbook or working through math problems this summer, how about building a rocket and taking virtual visit to space with NASA?  Or what about experimenting with paper circuits and getting a first-hand look at Google’s self-driving car?

Parents in your area shouldn’t worry if they haven’t figured out summer plans, because Google and Maker Media (of Maker Faire) are launching the 3rd edition of Maker Camp, a free, online summer camp for kids 13 years and older, hosted on Google+. Throughout the six weeks, kids can pick and choose themed projects, and build things like soda bottle rockets, as well as going on webcasted field trips with the likes of Lego, Google’s self-driving car and Blue Man Group. To join, teens simply need to create a Google+ profile and follow MAKE on G+.

For those kids who cannot access the internet or want to “do-it-together” with other kids in their community, we are expanding the number of libraries, schools and museums to join the camp from 100 to 500, including at the Ossining Public School District.

Please contact mmcnamara@globalstrategygroup.com if you have any questions. 


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