Afraid of Change? The Spiritual Practice of Meditation can Help!

Unhappy with the Status Quo, but Fearful of Change? Calm Fear, Create Stillness and Embrace Change by developing a Spiritual Practice of Meditation. Done in 2 Parts.

The month of June brings about many changes, from end of year finals, Junior & Senior Proms, to HS & College graduations, and of course, bridal showers and weddings! Spring buds have given way to Summer flowers. The geese, swans & ducks are sharing space with motor boats, sail boats, and kyacks on Milton Harbor.

Unlike nature, most human beings are afraid of change. It seems that we feel most comfortable with certainty, with surety, with our life habits, including: our health or lack of it, our work, and our relationships.

This is because we know what to expect. We are accustomed to how our life is, even if we are not happy with our life's realities. Perhaps some of us, if we are being honest, recognize that deep down we are dis-satisfied with our life because we are feeling that we are not living up to our potential or we are not fulfilling our dreams.

Yet, the idea of making changes scares us. How can you remain centered, and become awakened to your best self, and embrace change?

It is by aligning your energy, engaging yourself and listening to that wise inner voice that is all-knowing and all-seeing. That authentic part of you is still very much alive, though you may not have brought this aspect of yourself out since early childhood. This part of you is: 

  • Excited
  • Courageous
  • Motivated
  • Eager
  • Enthusiastic beyond belief
  • Alive
  • Animated
  • Un-ambivalent
  • Frisky
  • Joyful
  • Thriving

How might you wake this part of you up? By taking the time to learn how to access your inner voice, by taking the time to feel and learn how to harness the energy of your body, mind & spirit.

All it takes is a few minutes each and every day...some quiet time...to begin to practice stilling our minds and centering ourselves in order to discover that most Authentic self inside of us!  


This can be done through an EASY Practice of Meditation.

Stay tuned for the next post for the How-To's!

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Myra Oney June 06, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Change is scary, but it is the flow of life. I think sometimes it is not the fear of making a change as much as it is the need to adapt to change that is happening despite us. "Adapt or perish" has meaning at all levels of existence. Quieting the Fear mind chatter that the ego keeps up to protect us from things that it thinks might put us (and it) in danger allows more clarity and focus around those changes that keep us stuck and allows us to move forward.


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